What to give your bestie based on her very specific aesthetic

Getting your best friend a Christmas gift can be hard, especially because you want it to be perfect. We've narrowed down some fantastic gifts for five very specific aesthetics for your best friend who is obsessed with zodiacs to the beach and everything in between. Read on for some gift inspo!

1. For the one who asks people their zodiac before their name

You can't go wrong with zodiac-themed gifts, but if you know your bestie wants something new, we threw in some other fun ideas. For example, a star map— a unique and personal gift where you choose a special date and see what the night sky looked like that day. 

2. For the who one is always wearing the latest trends

If your best friend is the trendiest person you know, it can be hard to find something you know they will use for a long time (and that they don't already have). You can never go wrong with disposable cameras or makeup!

3. For the one who is always ready for a day at the beach

If your bestie constantly asks you to go to the beach, she will obsess over any of these. A waterproof speaker is perfect for those long sunny days. Don't forget your sunscreen the next time you go with her!

4. For the one who is constantly listening to anything (Taylor's Version)

If your bestie has been obsessing over Taylor Swift these past few months, then anything Taylor-related or cottagecore will be perfect. From Christmas candles to tea to stuffed animals, there are so many ah-mazing choices that your bestie will love. 

5. For the one who wishes they were in the "good 4 u" music video

Who doesn't want to be in an Olivia Rodrigo video!? But if your bestie has been totally fangirling over Olivia Rodrigo for ages, then some edgier gifts may be more her style. We're loving the birthyear necklaces. They make for such a cute and personal gift. 


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by Miriam Riley | 12/5/2021