What to give your bestie...based on their MBTI personality type

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If you're anything like us, you're a *total* perfectionist when it comes to gift-giving. Because what better way to show our besties that we care than giving them a gift that's so them? No need to stress that your gift won't be the right one for them though, because with a little knowledge— aka their personality type (have them take this test if they haven't)—you're bound to bring a smile to their face as soon as they open your super sweet gift. 

ESTJ (The Executive):  A desk organizer 

Amazon, $15

As natural leaders, ESTJs are *all* about order and organization...which is why an adorable pen and pencil holder will be sure to make your ESTJ bestie's day. 

ENTJ (The Commander):  Glam clips

$7, The Hair Edit

Confidence is basically your ENTJ BFF's middle name. These totally glam clips? Almost as bright 'n bold as your bestie.

ESFJ (The Consul): A disposable camera

$18, Urban Outfitters

Social and magnetic, your ESFJ bestie will love a camera to capture every sweet moment of your next hang. 

ENFJ (The Protagonist): A french twist clip

$7, The Hair Edit

This french twist clip gives off *total* main character energy, which is why it's an awesome gift for your Protagonist bestie.

ISTJ (The Inspector): Essential oils

$6 , Amazon

Wired by integrity and logic, your hardworking ISTJ BFF has their cal packed and they *so* deserve a stress-relieving break! Opt for super relaxing essential oils to make their day.

ISFJ (The Defender): An embroidery kit

$11, Amazon

If your bestie's an ISFJ, you would probably describe them as analytical and meticulous. They appreciate a job well done which is why an embroidery kit is perfect for them.

INTJ (The Architect): A planner

$24, The Happy Planner

You've probably noticed that any INTJ in your life is uber-organized, making a planner a gift they're bound to love. Because analytical and rational, every Architect *loves* to plan.

INFJ (The Advocate): A journal

$15, Barnes and Noble

Chances are, your INFJ bestie is a *total* bookworm who loves to write. Thoughtful and imaginative, any INFJ would completely heart a new journal for all of their dreams and ideas.

ESTP (The Entrepreneur):  Encouraging pins

$6, Etsy

ESTPs are natural leaders, and their magnetic and outgoing personality radiates tons of positivity, which is why positive pins are the perfect gift for them.

ESFP (The Entertainer):  A retro speaker

 $20, Amazon

Out of all of the personality types, ESFPs are *definitely* the most likely to have a spontaneous dance party. Get them this adorable speaker and expect tons of dance parties with them in your near future! 

ENTP (The Debater):  Debatable Party Game

$15, Uncommon Goods

Clever and bold, any ENTP would have a blast playing a game that lets them share their intellectual views and opinions. 

ENFP (The Campaigner): Paint by numbers

$15, Amazon

Artistic and passionate, any ENFP would *love* to get deeply into a gorgeous paint-by-numbers set. 

ISTP (The Virtuoso): Velvet hair ties 

$9, The Hair Edit

ISTPs are natural makers and creators who love to get their hands dirty. These hair ties will *so* come in handy for your ISTP bestie to pull their hair back before getting deep into their next project. Whether to throw their hair up before building their next tree house or doing some serious scrapbooking, they'll totally heart these adorable hair ties!

ISFP (The Adventurer): Travel challenges card deck 

$20, Uncommon Goods

ISFPs are filled with wanderlust and adventure. This super original gift was practically made for your Adventurer bestie!

INTP (The Logician): A puzzle

$20, Chronicle Books

Intellectual and logical, every Logician hearts a good puzzle...especially when it has to do with the universe.

INFP (The Mediator): A dream journal 

$14, Urban Outfitters

INFPs are total dreamers...and not just figuratively. They tend to happily lose themselves in daydreams, and when it comes to real dreams, they probably want to know more, esp. since they're so curious and passionate. 


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by Eva Mandelbaum | 12/17/2021