Why it's OK if you don't have a big group of friends

FYI: We know it can sometimes be hard to see people with *huge* friend groups and not have some serious FOMO. Even movies and TV shows make it seem like you need to have 10 besties to constantly hang out with—like, every weekend. But you aren't alone: It can be v. hard to find a big group. If you feel like you're missing out, keep reading...because we want to tell you why a small group is equally amazing. 

First, having a smaller group of friends lets you have closer relationships with people who *really* understand you. While this is 100% possible in a bigger group, it's *def* easier when there are just one or two other people that you're with. Plus, there is a better possibility of you having more in common with your close-knit group. 

Second, movies and TV shows give an unrealistic picture of how easy it is to get a big group of friends. If you're having trouble finding a new bestie, see if there's someone you have lots of classes with—or that you sit next to—for maximum chances to get to know them. 

Third, subgroups within a big group of friends are real. (Translation: A big group is not as close.) Having a small group (or just one other person) lets you focus on strengthening your relationship with them. That way, you'll always have someone to go to for support or to celebrate the test you just aced.

So our secret advice— a bigger friend group won't necessarily make you as happy as you think, especially if you feel like you need to force it. Friendships are supposed to be fun and easy. It may sound cliche, but you'll find your people (or your person). It just takes time. Find the people that make Y-O-U happy. 

That brings us to point number five. Not having a big group allows you to be friends with lots of different people. Having multiple one-on-one friendships is kinda the best, because you get exposed to people with totally different backgrounds and interests. Having a different close friend in class, while volunteering, playing a sport or just in your neighborhood allows you to have even more friendship opportunities.

We believe in quality over quantity. We also want to say that there isn't a magic number of friends you should have (or can have). Sometimes things just click! The only "rule" to friendship is that they make you happy. Text your bestie(s) rn and tell them how much you love them! 

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by Miriam Riley | 2/21/2022