What your friend group aesthetic is projecting to the world

Not coupled up this ~love szn~? No problem because, TBH, the love you feel for an S.O. can't compete with the love you feel for your squad. Plus, your friend group says *a lot* about you, from the vibes it projects to the deep truths no one on the outside could ever truly comprehend. In honor of the vast, beautiful rainbow of friendships out there, we're here to fully chanel our inner teen movie selves and break down some of the top aesthetics friend groups are embracing rn (and with good reason, because there are no bad options in this list, trust). 

The aesthetic: 
Designer pieces, glam accessories, chic style—basically influencer vibes all around
The attitude: The confidence that comes with knowing everything you do is flex-worthy
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Likely to Give Everyone Envy
Iconic Boujee friend groups: Gossip GirlPretty Little Liars

High School Dream
The aesthetic: School uniforms, letterman jackets, jeans and tees, sneakers and anything that you'd pin to a pep rally Pinterest board
The attitude: Unironically and unapologetically bursting with teen spirit and making "live while you're young" your own personal motto
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most School (and Everything Else) Spirited
Iconic High School Dream friend groups: Riverdale, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

The aesthetic:
Basically boarding school uniform—but make it fashion. Think plaids, skirts, cardigans, mini backpack purses, cute stocking and loafers.
The attitude: Preppy is an aesthetic that's been around for years, and it's evolved with every new generation. Preppy people used to get a bad rep for being snobby and excluding anyone they could, but the modern preppy aesthetic is much more about coming up with new twists on timeless looks and manifesting success on every level.
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Likely to Outsmart Every Problem
Iconic Preppy friend groups: Clueless, Hidden Figures

Vibrant Academia
The aesthetic: Bright colors, chunky knits, mixing patterns, fun accessories like hats and glasses
The attitude: The only thing brighter than your wardrobe is your future.
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Likely to Change the World with Creativity
Iconic Vibrant Academia friend groups: Never Have I EverGlee

The aesthetic: Vintage items, soft, romantic looks, adorable prints, pretty much anything you can buy from ModCloth
The attitude: Quirky is a compliment (and, honestly, a lifestyle) and anyone who thinks "cute" and "powerful" don't go together is worlds of wrong.
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Wise Beyond Their Years
Iconic Twee friend groups: The Mysterious Benedict Society, Moonrise Kingdom

The aesthetic: Pinks and purples, Y2K throwback fashion, hearts, flowers and anything else you might have doodled in your notebook in fifth grade
The attitude: Why just be nostaglic for the good old days when you can straight up keep living that energy?
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Likely to Stay Young at Heart

Iconic Tweencore friend groups: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Hannah Montana

Wild Child
The aesthetic: Anything that brings out your inner explorer, from festival fashion like crop tops and denim skirts to outdoorsy adventurewear, like hiking boots and raincoats. Bonus points for florals and bright colors
The attitude: Wanderlust = wonderful, pretty much. Wild child ppl are about following their hearts and letting their truest souls shine through.
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Courageous
Iconic Wild Child friend groups: The Baby-Sitters Club, Stranger Things

The aesthetic: Luxe life to the extreme, fancy fabrics (satin, velvet, anything brocade), any accessory that a literal princess might wear (yes, up to and including actual tiaras)
The attitude: Queen isn't just a compliment, it's a full-time state of mind.
In the yearbook, this group would be voted: Most Likely to Rule the World (Obvi)
Iconic Royalcore friend groups: Reign, Monte Carlo

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 2/11/2022