10 Insta photos to take with your squad this spring

As the flowers are slowly blooming and the temperatures start reaching new highs, you know spring is finally here. With all these changes, it's only expected to hang out with your friend group even more now that you can step outside without freezing. With all the activities you do, capturing the memories is a must, so keep reading for some photos you'll want to recreate with your squad this season.



There's something about picnics that calls for photos no matter the occasion. The combination of the beautiful weather, a cute setup, good vibes and cute outfits gets you some amazing shots every time!

Sunset silhouettes


While hanging out with your friends and watching the sunset is a spring must, it's also the perfect photo opp. For an even cooler shot like this, take the photo with the sun directly behind you and play around with the exposure.

Road trip food stop


For the next road trip you take with your friends, don't forget to take some candid photos that'll capture the best moments of the trip.

All the hugs


Capture all the love you have for your besties with a hug moment. These can even be candid shots your other friends take as they happen—which makes them even more perfect!

Tea party


We can agree Olivia Rodrigo and Iris Apatow are friendship goals, so why not recreate this iconic tea party photo shoot? Get together with friends and set up a cute tea party and just have fun being totally extra for the day.

Birthday fun


Chances are you've probably got at least one birthday in the squad coming up in the spring months. Celebrate your friend and take some fun photos in the process!

Ice cream run


Even if you've got no time to hang out with your friends these days, an ice cream run is a quick and easy way to get together for a bit. Plus, it makes for some *super* cute candid photos!

Show off your shoes


If your friend group is obsessed with all the latest shoe trends from loafers to Mary Janes, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your spring kicks. The next time you hang out, take some photos of your shoes together for the most adorable Insta filler photos.

Outdoor brunch


A brunch photo is basically a must at this point. Whether you go for a casual vibe or go all out with coordinated outfits, these pics will be perf for any aesthetic.

Group mirror selfie


The go-to mirror selfie couldn't be left out of this list. Try your best to get the whole group in the shot and have the friend in the middle get the photo. For a fun change, you can even have all your friends have their phones out to take the photo, and then choose the angle that looks best!

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by Alaina Cintron | 4/26/2022