The ultimate gift guide for the moon lover in your life

We *all* know that one person who's obsessed with the moon—they know all of the moon phases like the back of their hand, always snap a pic when they spot the moon and, overall, they seem to find comfort in (and never fail to romanticize) the glowing orb that lights up the night sky. Whether this person's b-day is coming up or you want to surprise them with a sweet sentiment just 'cause, we've got you covered with gift ideas that will be sure to bring an instant smile to any moon lover's face.

Moon cutout rings

Urban Outfitters, $18

Cutout rings are just about the cutest thing ever. Gift one to your bestie and keep one for yourself, and you'll be able to connect your rings whenever you see them. Talk about friendship goals!

Moon light sculpture 

Urban Outfitters. $34

A *gorgeous* moon light is the perf addition to any moon lover's room. Plus, every time they look at it, they'll be reminded of what a bright light you are in their life.

Moon earrings 

Pura Vida, $14

Simple yet bright, these crescent moon earrings will be sure to please, *and* they'll add a pop of color to any fit. 

Moon mirrors 

dormify, $69

Moon mirrors are practically a moon enthusiast's dream—this ah-dorable decor piece will become their new fave thing in their room.

Moon phases phone case 


Your friend who somehow seems to magically know all of the moon phases by heart will def appreciate this phone case on a whole new level.

Moon and stars throw blanket 

Amazon, $38

You can't go wrong with a cozy blanket! Whether to be used for star (or moon!) gazing or cozying up with a book, this ultra soft moon and star blanket won't disappoint.

Moon book

Amazon, $8

A book filled with dreamy poetry? This is *so* going on their Insta story.

Moon dish

Uncommon Goods, $20

All of that moon jewelry they have needs to go somewhere! This adorable moon dish will give them a place to store their moon accessories—and it'll totally put an instant smile on their face. And get this: It can even have their zodiac sign on it! 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 4/11/2022