21 ways to make your besties smile

The Spice Girls said it best: Friendship never ends! It is so important to take care of your besties and show them that you love them. Also, there's nothing better than showing how much you care! Whether it's virtually or in person, you can let your closest friends know that you appreciate them each and every day. So cheer up your bestie's day with one of our 21 suggestions on how to *easily* make them smile rn!

1. Text them a cute GIF
Who doesn't love receiving a cute GIF over text?! This is such an easy and fast way to let your bestie know that you're sending them good vibes for the day.

2. Send them a cute TikTok
Sending your friend a social media post is another way to let them know that you're thinking of them when they're not around.

@randomthingsss517 #greenscreen send this to your best friend💗#fypシ #besties #sendtobestfriend #yourbestfriend #foryou ♬ What would you do - Bitch

3. Invite them to get food with you


4. Plan a rom-com movie night
Planning a designated hangout with your besties is a go-to. Check out 8 underrated chick flicks to watch at your next sleepover for some inspo!


5. Go for a walk
The good ole outdoors. Sometimes you just need to put the screens down, give Instagram a break for a few hours and get some fresh air! Ask your besties to join you for a relaxed exercise break.

6. Practice a new makeup look


7. Bake cupcakes for them


8. Send them a letter
Check out our DIY article on sending the cutest letters to your besties for some inspo.

9. Play a prank on them
Every friendship needs a little pranking. Dial *67 and let your bestie know their refrigerator is running...the oldest trick in the book! Even though they will *totally* know they're being pranked, it'll still bring a smile to their face!

10. Create a joint playlist
Chances are that you and your bestie have a lot of the same fave artists. A lot of streaming platforms have the ability for you to set up collaborative playlists, where anyone who has access can add songs. Make the best playlist ever for you and your BFF and get ready for all the jam sessions.

11. Make a fun list of all your inside jokes


12. Tag them in a cute Instagram post


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13. Choreograph a dance routine

@charlidamelio @markellwashington1 dc @brett.sewell ♬ Freakumdresschallenge - b.beyonce

14. Surprise them with a cool Starbucks drink

15. Compliment them
Getting compliments from the people you care about is a 10/10 feeling. Let your bestie know that their hair is beautiful today and they will automatically have a better day.

16. Make them a friendship bracelet

17. Plan a cute picnic


18. Come up with a new nickname for them

19. Plan a scavenger hunt

20. Plan a sleepover 
Don't worry...ofc we have a guide for planning an amazing sleepover! Read Slay your next sleepover with these boredom busters for the easiest inspiration to plan your next sleepover with your bestie!


21. Have a DIY spa day
You and your friend *deserve* a relaxing spa day. We're talking cucumbers on the eyes, face masks and full-blown mani-pedis. Your bestie will def *love* this idea.

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by Olivia Brown | 6/15/2022