Consider this your sign to go make dinner with your BFF

If there are two things we love, they're food and our besties (although maybe not in that order). So, why not combine the two for the perfect evening of fun and tastiness? Consider this your sign to go make dinner with your BFF *and* your guide on how to do so. 

Step #1: Decide on a recipe

Whether your bestie is already with you or still on the way, the first step is to decide on a recipe. While tackling a complicated recipe may sound enticing, you'll probably be able to enjoy yourself more with an easier recipe (pasta is always a win). Be sure to check the ingredient list ahead of time too. Check with the parents to see if they're cool with a run to the store or if they'd rather you use what's already in the house. Who knows? Maybe Dad has been craving his mom's tomato sauce recipe and just so happens to have all the ingredients in the fridge.  

Step #2: Prep the space

Along with being prepared ingredient-wise, you'll have to prep your kitchen space too. Make sure you have enough counter space for any chopping and measuring you'll be doing. To really be on top of things, you can even get out the different pans and measuring cups you'll need.

Step #3: Grab the snacks

Yes, you'll be making the food during this hang out, but that doesn't mean you have to save all the eating 'til the end. Having a light snack nearby can keep you fueled throughout the evening. Fruit or crackers are both great options. Don't forget to stay hydrated, too!

Step #4: Get cooking

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for—it's time to cook! Turn on your fave playlist, pull up the recipe and go for it. You want to be able to enjoy your meal, ofc, but the main point of the evening is to have fun. Did you leave the chicken in the oven a sec too long? Don't stress. Just go with the flow and laugh about your mistakes—they'll make for memorable moments! If you're feeling like a Food Network star, vlog the whole experience. 

Step #5: Bon appetit

The timer just beeped, so it's finally time to eat. Presentation is *everything,* so plate your culinary masterpieces and snap a pic for VSCO. If you're wanting to create an upscale vibe, head to the dining room table. And if you're really just counting down the seconds until you can dive into your ravioli, head over to the couch and pop on your fave DCOM for some background entertainment. 

Step #6: Clean up

If you want to be ahead of the game, clean up as you go and split the work between you and your bestie. Maybe you scrub the cutting board while your BFF stirs the sauce, and then you switch when it's time to add the pasta. If you wait until after you eat, pop your playlist back on and tackle the load together. Working together will def make it seem less like a chore, and the quicker you're done, the quicker you can dig into those ice cream sandwiches sitting in the freezer. 

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by Riley Yates | 9/16/2022