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Easy ways to inspire yourself *and* your friends every day

Lifting up your gals is essential! There are *so* many ways to show your friends you care, from staying positive when times are tough to pushing your gals to try new things when they're discouraged to encouraging your friends to follow their dreams. Here are some of the top ways you can lead by example, and inspire your besties to be the best versions of themselves...while also improving your own life.

Be involved with your friends.
Tell your girls what you're dealing with and *always* be willing to lend an ear. Let your friends know you're interested in their goals and ask if you can work together. Invite them to recitals or games and don't forget to cheer them on at their own events.

Give compliments.
Genuine compliments are one of the simplest ways to lift someone up. Do you really admire how studious your BFF is? Let her know how much she inspires you! Next time your friend is totally rocking a new 'do or gets the cutest new sneaks, let her know.

Be kind to yourself.
Understand your friends' strengths as well as your own. Celebrate your differences and acknowledge what makes each of you special. Be proud of yourself for your accomplishments and encourage your friends to do the same. Being a friend to yourself helps you be a better friend to others. 

Share your ideas.
Do you ever get an amazing idea you want to share with the whole world? Don't be afraid to share your thoughts with your friends! Express your ideas and tell your friends what inspires you. Make a group chat with your friends *just* for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Create a safe space.
Talk to your friends about creating a safe space. Whenever someone needs encouragement, advice or a shoulder to cry on, set a few ground rules. Don't spill your friends' secrets, be honest and listen to each other in a judgement-free zone.

Be consistent.
It's easy to stick to someone's side during happy times, but true friends are there for each other through thick and thin. Keep a positive attitude and encourage your friends when they're going through a hard time. Show your friends that they're not alone and you'll always be there to help them get through tough times,  

How do you inspire your friends? What are the most inspiring traits your friends have? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 1/15/2019
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