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Sweet Saturday: How to have a productive lazy day

Lazy days are the best: no school, no work and no responsibilities. While a day on the couch is enticing, it might leave you feeling pretty "meh" when it's over. There has to be a way to be productive *and* relax, right? It turns out, having a fruitful lazy day is easier than you think. Follow these simple tips to turn your day off into the most rewarding chill sesh ever.

Pick up a book
Get a head start on the class novel or re-read one of your favorites. Reading isn't just relaxingit stimulates your mind, reduces stress, widens vocabulary and improves analytical thinking skills. 

Stay away from social media
Spending all day scrolling through Instagram isn't going to help you wind down. Put your phone away and spend time by yourself. Your day will be much more relaxing without distractions, so take time to focus on yourself. 

Be creative
Coloring, painting and writing are fun ways to stimulate your mind. If a friend's birthday is coming up, spend the afternoon making the *perfect* card. Turn up the music and let those creative juices flow! 

Study in increments
As fun as it is to binge your favorite show for four hours straight, get up between episodes and hit the books. Set an alarm for 10 or 15 minutes. Pull out a future assignment or study for a quiz. It may not be due for weeks, but getting a jump on it means more free time later. Plus, working in increments makes homework a little less daunting.

Change it up
Plan out several relaxing activities to indulge in throughout the day, like a mani pedi sesh or a bath. Variety will give you much more to look forward to, and you won't feel like a couch potato at the end of the day. Your "lazy day" will be everything *but* boring!

How do you like to spend your lazy days? Let us know in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 4/6/2019