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This adorable promposal will give you *all* the feels


Every girl dreams of going to prom with the *perfect* date. Jillian is no differentexcept due to a severe disability, she didn't even think she would ever see prom night. When Jillian was born, her doctors expected her to live only five years. But, being the incredibly brave and strong girl that she is, Jillian, now 20 years old, defied the odds and has made amazing strides.

And to make her dreams come true, Jillian's best friend, Nick Waterman, who is currently a sophomore at the Air Force Academy, surprised her by flying home and asking her to go to prom with him (CLICK HERE to watch the adorable vid!). The two met when Nick was in his final year of high school and he was her peer tutor...and it's been a BFF-ship made in heaven ever since. 

Nick believes that "every little girl, no matter her circumstance, should have the opportunity to go to prom," and that's exactly what he made sure happened for his bestie. The pair certainly stole the show, tooJillian slayed in a patterned pink dress and pastel mani while Nick wore his uniform, complete with a navy blue bowtie. To top it off, he also brought along a gorg bouquet of flowers, tied with a pink ribbon to match his date's ensemble.

Jillian and Nick are proof that true friendships can withstand any obstacles and challenges. Because although Nick living and studying at the Air Force Academy has made it more difficult for the pair to see each other, they still find time to speak on the phone and visit often. And Jillian even carries his photo to remind herself to maintain her signature can-do spirit. Can you say squad #goals?

Has a friend ever gone above and beyond to surprise you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Photo credit: NBC.

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by Bridget Curley | 4/28/2017