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This girl is goals: Keyla shares her secrets to becoming a leader


Teens are capable of anything: running a business, raising cash for a cause, making a difference, inspiring others. There are great girls everywhere—and in our new “Great Girls” series, created in partnership with Barbizon Modeling, we’ll shine a light on remarkable young women with incredible stories. Whether you get some solid ideas or just some serious inspo, take notes on these top-notch teens—and maybe we’ll be sharing *your* story someday soon.

Meet Keyla…

From shy girl to bold babe, Keyla is proving to others that confidence is key in becoming an amaze leader. After joining an impressive program in her community called Junior Ambassadors, Keyla came out of her shell and is now volunteering all over her school and community...and is even planning to start her *own* leadership program. Take a peak at our interview with Keyla below to find out how amazing she really is. Plus, check out Keyla's top five ways to be a leader.


Girls' Life: How did you get involved with volunteering?

Keyla: Junior Ambassadors is a leadership program that was established to teach high school students about the behind the scene work that keeps the city running. It also offers students the opportunity to help the community through volunteer work. The program not only helped me learn more about my city and local government, but it also taught me how to speak up for myself. It was the experience of a lifetime and I would not be the great leader I am today without it. 

GL: Do you have any recommendations on how GL readers can join programs similar to Junior Ambassadors?

Keyla: If there isn't a Junior Ambassadors at your school, you can seek out other clubs or programs that focus on volunteering services. It all begins by taking initiative and asking questions to find your way. 


GL: Now that you've been a Junior Ambassador for two years, what's next for you?

Keyla: I'd love to establish a leadership program for younger children. I realized that most of my peers (including myself) lacked strong leadership skills and knowledge about how to effectively express ourselves. I want to encourage kids to start helping the world around them at a younger age. I plan to pursue this idea as a college student . 

Ready to take charge of your *own* future? Follow Keyla’s top 5 tips to becoming an amaze leader and you can become as confident as she is now.  

1. "Push yourself to speak up, even when you are afraid. 
I struggled with sharing my ideas and speaking in front of others. I solved this dilemma by building trusting relationships with my fellow program members and voicing my opinions even if I was scared." 

2. "Make your ideas actions.
It is important to encourage yourself and others to accomplish things we want. To be a leader you have to set your ideas into actions and make them happen." 

3. "Be a role model. 
I think leaders have varying skills but the ones I personally value are being compassionate, understanding, selfless and caring (it's so important to set a good example!). Leaders should also be able guide others through their tasks." 

4. "Stand up for yourself.
Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. If it’s important to you, it’s probably important to others." 

5. "Remember, being a leader is a *huge* responsibility.
I recently overheard someone say that being a leader is the ultimate sacrifice, and I agree with that. Being a leader is a huge responsibility but it comes with so many rewards." 

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by Emily Mullin | 5/31/2017
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