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This girl is goals: How music changed her life (and how it could change yours, too!)


Teens are capable of anything: running a business, raising cash for a cause, making a difference, inspiring others. There are great girls everywhere—and in our new “Great Girls” series, created in partnership with Barbizon Modeling, we’ll shine a light on remarkable young women with incredible stories. Whether you get some solid ideas or just some serious inspo, take notes on these top-notch teens—and maybe we’ll be sharing *your* story someday soon.

Meet Kimberly…

Even when life gets busy (from graduating high school to starting college), Kimberly always finds time for her passion: playing violin. When she began learning in sixth grade, Kimberly never would have imagined her success at the strings would win her pageants, snag her auditions and give her *tons* of confidence. Check out our interview with this musical maven below—plus, find out how you can make your own passion pay off. 

Girls’ Life: When did you start playing violin? Is there any particular reason you decided on that instrument?

Kimberly: I started playing violin in my sixth-grade year at Richardson Prep Middle School. I instantly was hypnotized when my parents took me to a restaurant where there was a mariachi playing. They had so many beautiful instruments, but the way the violinists played was magnificent in my eyes and ears—it sounded powerful, yet soothing. After they stopped playing, I immediately walked up to one of the men with a violin and asked him if it was hard to play and he encouraged me to begin pursuing my passion.

GL: What opportunities have you had becuase of your talent ?

Kimberly: When my mom bought me my first violin, I was in the beginner group with no knowledge whatsoever, but I played at least 4 hours a day. In my second year, my music teacher said I was ready to be in the advanced orchestra, and I could skip intermediate. By eighth grade year, I was fortunate enough to audition for San Bernardino City Honor Orchestra. I was shocked when my teacher had told me I received a perfect score from all three judges! I knew my hard work and dedication was finally paying off. I started practicing more (up to seven hours a day!) and had the privilege to audition for San Bernardino County Honor Orchestra—I was one out of five students from my city to make it in. I was also invited to be the lead violinist for San Bernardino’s Boys and Girls Club of America Rock Band. Plus, I've had countless opportunities to play for places like Disneyland and California Adventure.

GL: What has been your favorite moment while playing?

Kimberly: My favorite moments playing the violin were when other students would walk up to me when I was practicing and would ask me to play using vibrato (a technique used to make slight variations in tone) because my teacher had mentioned I had beautiful vibrato. Their expressions always made feel really special and gave me the confidence I needed to play.

GL: Has your talent translated into any other aspect of your life? 

Kimberly: Yea, of course! During the summer of 2016, I joined a pageant called Miss Inspiracion. In the talent portion, I decided it was time to play the violin—and the judges loved it. So much so that I actually ended up winning the whole pageant.


GL: What advice do you have for girls learning to play an instrument or advice for any girls following a passion that you could share?

Kimberly: I would highly recommend that more students pick an instrument of their choice at a young age. It is *so* super important to find your passion and go after it. Realizing my love for playing changed my life, and it could change yours, too. Remember that while it might start as just a hobby, it can be part of your education and future, too.In fact, after school, I plan on starting a program to give low-income students violin classes so they can experience what I have.

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by Emily Mullin | 8/11/2017
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