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6 stages every girl who has tried to quit social media has gone through

Sometimes social media gets to be a li'l too much. Maybe it’s taking time from your homework, or you just get tired of obsessing over how many likes your last post got. If you’ve ever tried to quit Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter, though, you might have realized it’s not as easy as it seems.

Here’s how it really goes down:

1. You delete the app or account and warn others of your absence

2. You feel great about your decision and make yourself busy with other things

You have so much extra free time now!

3. You try to check your account, become confused, and then remember it’s gone

4. Someone brings up a funny or crazy post, and you have no idea what they’re talking about

So. Much. Temptation. To. Rejoin.

5. If your account still exists, you wonder if anyone has followed you or DM’ed you something super important

What if your crush sent you a friend request?!

6. And then you either give in or start to forget about it

It’s all up to how determined you are

Have you ever tried to quit social media? Tell us about your experience down below!

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by Grace Zhou | 12/1/2018