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7 morning routines to make your day *way* more productive

Let’s be honest, being productive during the day can sometimes feel like a job. All you want to do is lay in bed and binge watch your favorite TV show on Netflix, while snacking on popcorn and candy. But when it comes down to it, being productive during the day can boost your mood drastically, because you feel proud and positive for accomplishing so much! 

If you struggle being productive during the day, it might be because of the way you spend your mornings. Laying in bed on your phone is the worst thing that you can do for your productivity levels. To help you out, we have seven easy things you can do before you leave the house that will make you accomplish everything that you want to get done during the day! 

1. Wake up to your first alarm, and get out of bed right away
The best time to get out of bed is right when you wake up. Don’t lay in bed for ages scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. Even though it’s tempting, this is the worst thing for your productivity. You’ll start to get comfortable in this state, because you are awake but still laying in your comfy and cozy bed. This will make you more likely to stay in bed for a larger part of the day, therefore decreasing your levels of productivity. 

2. Wash your face or shower with cold water
Splashing cold water onto your face, or taking a cold shower in the morning can wake up both your skin and your mind. Although it might be a little painful at first, you will thank your future-self later! 

3. Make a to-do list of everything you want to accomplish that day
Checking things off of your to-do list feels amazing, and makes you want to check off even more. This cycle will make your days so productive. Using cute pens and stationary to do this always make it more fun!

4. Write down your goals for the day or week, plus ways that you will accomplish them
Goals are a great way of boosting your productivity. Having a goal in mind will change the way you act during the day, because you are working for a specific thing that you want to reach. Writing this goal down is also super helpful, because you are able to visualize it throughout the day. 
5. Make a healthy breakfast yourself
By making a meal yourself, you are more likely to feel “accomplished” early on in the day, which will make you want to accomplish even more things. Additionally, a healthy breakfast will give you lots of energy and kickstart your day. 

6. Pick out an outfit the night before, and set it aside
This helps to relieve some stress of picking out the perfect outfit. Your mornings will be more relaxed if you can just put on your clothes with no worry. 

7. Wear something that you are confident in
It is known that if you look good, you feel good. Dressing up in something that makes you feel confident will boost your mood and allow you to make better decisions throughout the day in order to increase your productivity. If putting on a full face of makeup makes you feel confident—do it! Feeling good about how you look during the day can make your days so much more productive overall. 

The main thing that will help you increase your productivity throughout the day is finding the things that work for you. These tips are just an outline for having a productive day, but overall it comes down to the decisions that you make everyday. Try to always have your end goal in mind, in order to make the best decisions possible! 

What are your favorite ways to stay productive during the day?


by Molly Beidleman | 6/4/2018
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