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How to create the perf #inspo board for your room

Everyone has goals they want to reach. If you're a visual person, it's probably easier for you to accomplish things if you have visual aids in from of you on the daily ('cause you know the saying: "Out of sight, out of mind.")

So why not create an #inspo vision board? Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to create the most amazing inspiration board to follow this year. 

1. Buy a huge corkboard to decorate. 
2. Purchase cute push pins or washi tape to help hang those goals.
3. Decide what goals you want to focus on and write them down on strips of paper.
4. Gather some collected pictures, clips from magazines, post cards, quotes, etc. that you find uplifting and positive
5. Arrange all of your goals, inspiring clippings and quotes and attach them to your board.
6. Hang on your wall in a place you'll see everyday, and you're done!

What goals are you setting for yourself this school year? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty


by Rachel Shvalb | 7/30/2018
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