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How to rock it this summer

Sure, breezing through summer break isn't the toughest job ever-but there are still a few challenges you'll definitely want to prepare for... 

Internships aren't just for college kids, but if you're trying to score a gig now, you have
to be clever. Get a leg up by asking your teachers, parents and other adults if they know of anyone who needs an intern. 
Then, ready your resume (head to to check out samples), figure out the best contact in the company you're reaching out to (try calling human resources) and write a few lines about yourself and what skills you can offer. Apply to five places, and follow up by email after a week. Be persistent yet professional- and you just may land that gig. 


Packing ain't rocket science, but plenty of people flub it.
To do it right, jot down all the activities and adventures you'll be getting into-swimming, hiking, dinners out-and what items you might need. 
Then, run that list by your mom or the trip planner to ask if you're missing anything. Make sure you've planned
for one out t per day, plus extra undies and socks. Mark down the medicines you take and the toiletries you'll need (including a couple pads or tampons). Plus, plan one fun way to stay busy (like a book). 
To pack it all, stash liquid toiletries in plastic baggies. Stick your shoes in bags, too (grocery ones work!), so they won't get anything dirty. Roll your clothes instead of folding to make more room. And, last thing: Double check that list! 

Being buds with your cabin- mate will make things run a whole lot smoother. To start off right, smile, say "hi" and introduce yourself as soon as your girl walks through the door. Ask where she's from, if she's been to camp before and what she's looking forward to. Keep an open mind during these convos: Even if she doesn't share your love of canoeing, you may still have other stuff in common. 
And if you both wind up making your own pals at camp? It's still important to make an effort with your roomie. That means keeping your mitts off her stuff (never cool) and no whining about her early a.m. alarm. Even if you're not BFFs, you're still bunking together-so do your part to keep the peace. 


It's always smart to start with an activity (think: mini golf) for fun bonding time *and* great flirting fodder ("I can't believe you made that amazing shot!"). 
Once you move on to dates number two, three
and beyond? Feel free to get creative-a summer flick fest or flying kites at sunset. And remember: Sundaes are a sweet way to end your outing, in more ways than one. 

Truth alert: Vacation really *is* a state of mind. So if you are sticking close this summer, seek out whatever's new in your hometown, like a rec league volleyball team or a photo exhibit at a museum. You're bound to meet new people, see something rad or at least get a crazy story out of the deal. Open your mind a little, and you'll learn to have a blast wherever the wind blows you-be it near or far. 


Vacay has a tendency to fly by. Sigh. But before you get gloomy about starting school yet again, come up with one sunny to-do for each week left of break, like eating a double scoop of moose tracks or hosting a Labor Day bash or spending a night looking for shooting stars with your bestie. 
At the same time, focus your attention on all of the things you want to accomplish in the new school year: maybe upping your grades or trying out for cheering or not being a ball of stress 24/7. The better prepared you are, the easier the transition will be. Promise. 

A version of this story originally appeared in the June/July 2018 issue of Girls' Life magazine.


by Katie Abbondanza | 7/27/2018