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6 charities you can donate to right now

It's great to give back. But that's something we most often focus on during the holiday season. But in order to change the world, we need to take initiative year-round.

Doing good in your community means stepping up for the underserved and those in need in little ways whenever you can. And guess what? The giving your time is just as valuable as giving money. With that in mind, here are six charitable causes you can donate to, volunteer for and support whenever, whereever.

1. Save the Children 

Save the Children actively advocates for ethical treatment and the well-being of migrant children from all over the world. More recently, they've embarked on a mission is to reunite families who have been separated at the United States-Mexico border. This organization provides direct financial, legal representation and communications to migrant families. 

How you can help: You can make a donation towards the reunification funds, or you can sponsor a child. Responsibilities of sponsoring a child include sending them messages, birthday cards, and other communications via the mail! Click HERE to help.

2. Moms Demand Action 

Originally a Facebook page, Moms Demand Action has grown into a "nationwide movement." Their mission is to reverse The Second Amendment, which states that all Americans have the right to bear arms. Given the number of senseless shootings that have occurred in America (think: 1,500 in 1,735 days), this powerful organization's mission is to create a safer future for all.

How you can help: There are *so* many ways to help this important organization. MOMS recommends joining a local chapter, attending a local event they're sponsoring, donations, following their social media accounts, or even starting your own chapter at school! Click HERE to help.

3. One Love Foundation 

The One Love Foundation works to educate students about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Founded in 2010, this organization works to prevent sexual assault, abuse, and harassment in memory of Yeardley Love, a UVA student who tragically lost her life to relationship violence. 

How you can help: Take the online pledge to #lovebetter and learn more about this incredible organization. Additionally, you can sign up for training to become a facilitator at your school, which includes leading workshops about signs of abuse, how to protect yourself and how you can help a friend. Lastly, #ThatsNotLove is a new campaign that works on developing ways students can change the culture in this #MeToo era. Check out their tips for creating a healthy dating culture HERE.

4. The Trevor Project 

The Trevor Project advocates for equal rights and ethical treatment of LGBTQ youth. With President Trump's recent decision to remove support for federal workers who are transgender and ban them from the military, the time to take action is NOW.

How you can help: Apply today to become part of the Trevor Youth Ambassador Council, become involved in your local chapter or volunteer/attend a Pride event.  

5. Project Semicolon 

Project Semicolon is a leading mental health awareness organization that works to prevent suicide. The semicolon is representative of their motto, "Your story is not over." They provide resources such as access to healthcare providers, helplines and information regarding mental health disorders.

How you can help: Whether you're supporting a loved one who is dealing with a mental illness, encouraging more open discussion about deep topics like suicide or even changing up your vocabulary, you can click HERE to get involved.

6. The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation 

The B+ Foundation (read: "Be positive") was founded in memory of Andrew McDonough, who lost his battle to childhood cancer. The foundation provides aid to families who have children with cancer, whether they need money to pay for medical bills, groceries or rent. The B+ Foundation is also home to numerous dance marathons at schools and universities throughout the country, most notably at the University of Delaware, where students raised over $2 million in 2018 "for the kids" at UDance. 

How you can help: The B+ Foundation is establishing chapters all over the country, including in high schools. To find out how you can form a chapter at your school, click here. Individually, supporters can donate in lieu of birthday gifts, create spare change jars, have tournaments and talent shows that benefit the foundation and more.

How do you want to make an impact this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Giphy, Moms Demand Action, The Trevor Project, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation 


by Emily Fishel | 2/27/2019