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All the motivation you need for going back to school

Back to school can bring mixed feelings: you're bummed that summer is over, and you might be nervous about starting a new school, but you get to see your friends again and get one step closer to graduation. Also, there's something so satisfying about buying school supplies—but that's a different article.

One of the best ways to make going back to school easier is to find motivation. While an uplifting quote might not seem like much, it can give you that extra push to carry you through the back-to-school scaries. That way, all you have to focus on is making this your best school year yet.

Here are some of our fave Insta-worthy motivators:

If you don't feel ready for summer to end:

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Sure, it's sad to see summer go, but if you keep waiting for the end-of-summer blues to subside, you might miss out on the new opportunities that are waiting for you. You may not feel ready, but it's time to jump into the back-to-school spirit!

If you're always saying, "Ugh, why do I *need* to go to school?!":

Photo: Teach For America
A great reminder for when you feel like school is pointless—you're learning more than the Pythagorean Theorem, we promise.

If you struck out with a sport last year:


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Try that sport again or pick a new one! While the urge to give up can be strong at times, taking a break and going back at it will be more rewarding.

If you just started school and already feel lost:

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Just like when you breezed through that math test last Spring, if you keep trying, your classes *will* become easier to understand.

If you were a target for gossipers last year:

Photo: Choosing Wisdom/ Lori Jackson
Another reason you might be anxious to go back: gossip is the worst. Don't let what's said about you define you—your opinion of yourself is more important than anyone else's!

Are you ready to go back to school? Share your fave motivational quote below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/8/2019
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