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Black holes begone! Sneaky secrets to avoiding time sucks—and saving some sanity

Twenty-four hours in a day just never seems like enough to get it all done, especially when you're killing many of those minutes doing things like group texting or scrolling your crush's Insta for the millionth time (why, tho?). Certain activities just suck you in and suddenly, it's two hours later—and you've got nada to show for it. Luckily, we have some helpful steps to bust brain drains and start crushing your to-do list. Read on...time's-a-wasting!

Black Hole 1: Distraction City 

Your presentation on ancient Rome is due tomorrow. But instead of finalizing the last two slides (so close!) you're digging in your laundry pile for something to wear to school and texting your BFF. 

Sanity saver: Nix multi-tasking. Research shows working on more than one thing robs your brain of its ability to concentrate. When you're tackling a must-do, close out extra tabs on your computer, ignore the phone and focus on one project. If it's truly mind-numbing, take breaks every 20 minutes. Even with a breather, you'll finish up faster.

Black Hole 2: The Needy Friend 

There's one in every crew: the girl whose every decision becomes a drama. She constantly hits you up to dissect what her crush said during science class or to weigh options for her weekend plans.

Sanity saver: Be direct. If she's endlessly snapping about something silly, send her a quick reply saying you're swamped and you two can chat about it tomorrow. When she's bogging you down with life's eensiest deets, politely (but firmly!) let her know that the decision is all hers. Soon, she'll see she has the power to handle her own problems.

Black Hole 3: Too-Comfy Quarters

Your room is hooked up with everything a girl could dream of: a cozy bed, a huge TV, nail polish galore. Hard to think about homework in such a sweet suite...

Sanity saver: A blissed-out bedroom is key for relaxing, but you'll never get work done in such a chill spot. So, set up a desk in a corner of your room (or better yet, try another part of the house) that's solely for school stuff—no Netflix or social allowed.

Black Hole 4: The Inflating Obligation

Say you've signed on to the spring festival committee. Not bad...until twice-weekly meetings turn into daily affairs. Seriously, people?

Sanity saver: It's time to scale back and speak up. Tell the club prez you're overwhelmed. Offer solutions like recruiting more people or minimizing the overall scope. If she doesn't agree, evaluate to see if the stress is worth the sacrifice.

Black Hole 5: The Waiting Game

Your BFF was supposed to text at 5 p.m. to make plans. Now it's 6 p.m. and all you've accomplished is endless worrying, wondering what's up.

Sanity saver: Wishing and hoping for your phone to buzz is a waste. If a pal says she'll hit you up by a certain time, give her 15 minutes. Radio silence? Reach out. You won't cause an imposition—you're a busy babe and your friends need to realize how presh you (and your time!) truly are.

by Jillian Terry | 1/20/2020