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One TikTok dance to learn every day this week

There's no better time than now to up your TikTok game, especially if you're cooped up in your house during the coronavirus outbreak. The lack of normal activities may seem like a burden, but you can see this time as an opportunity to grow your following on the app—producing content consistently over the next couple of months could really help your account take off. Try these trending TikTok dances throughout the week, and you may just reach Hype House status:

Day 1: "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira


doing the dance my mom grounded me for in front of MY MOM😳🚁🚁🚁🚁 ##PlayWithLife ##dance ##dancecan43

♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira - goalsounds

Nick Bencivengo, who has 1.3M followers on the app, created a video using the trending sound that went viral, garnering 15.1M views. "I love this trend because it's a super fun song with a high-energy dance to match," Bencivengo explains. "I put my own spin on it by making my mom watch me as I shook my hips. Everyone should definitely try it out—it's super simple to learn!"

Day 2: "Over It Chinese New Year Remix" by JohhnyG


we have bathing suits on😝😝 sToP tRiPpiNg😇😇 @markeytwinslol @clurrmurr21 ##beach ##soccergirl ##bestfriend ##ButterGlossPop

♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG - kingvader

"This dance is literally so cute!" says Tori McKool, who has over 532K followers. "I saw Avani [Gregg] do it first. My favorite part is when you put your pointer fingers together, which means you're shy. Plus, all the moves are very easy to learn!"

Day 3: "Cannibal" by Kesha


@addisonre you are one of the nicest people i’ve ever met!! thank you for being such a sweetheart💛💖💞💗 ##foryou

♬ Cannibal by Kesha - rapidsongs

"I learned this dance after seeing it on my 'For You' page. I was attracted to the energy and vibes I got from it, and it looked fun, so I wanted to try!" says Ava Justin, who has 362K followers on the app. "I even did the dance with Addison Rae at Playlist Live, and it got up to 2.3M views!"

Day 4: "Like That" by Doja Cat


GUYS HELP!?! 😫 My friends said he wouldn’t like me. 😔 ##showerthoughts ##animalsreact ##xyzbca ##fyp

♬ Like That - Doja Cat feat. Gucci Mane

Following the success of popular sounds "Say So" and "Candy" by Doja Cat on the app, "Like That" is the latest trend using the artist's music. "This dance is so cute. I learned it from Madi Monroe's page since she made up the moves," says Kelsey Cook, a popular creator with 349K followers. "The song is so catchy. It's a vibe."

Day 5: "Out West" by JACKBOYS & Travis Scott


we got yelled at by security for blocking the stairs to make this😂 ##fy ##wishmeluck ##playlist tag who you see!

♬ OUT WEST - JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat. Young Thug

"I saw multiple people do this dance on my 'For You' page before I learned it. It stood out to me because it's super easy to do in a group, and I can quickly teach it to friends!" says Savannah Maddison, who has acquired over 203K TikTok followers. "At Playlist Live, I did the dance at least 20 times with friends, just because it's so popular and fun."

Day 6: "2livesounds" by 2Live Nation


today’s school fit hahaa 🖤 ##UltraSmoothMoves ##MakeTheLeap ##checkthisout ##AfterMyCoffee ##fyp

♬ 2livesounds - 2live.d

"I learned this dance from my girl Mads Lewis! I saw it trending all over TikTok, and I really vibed with it as a dancer," says Talin Silva, who has over 110K followers. "I thought it was a pretty cool dance, and it's one of the easier ones to learn on the app."

Day 7: "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne


ur second @ is ur new bff! who is it?! 👇🏻 @gab_nyc ##foryoupage ##foryou ##smallgestures ##selfcare ##makethisviral ##viralvideo ##viral ##fyp ##hype ##charli

♬ What the Hell - Avril Lavigne

This is one of my personal favorites at the moment, not just because I'm an Avril fan, but because the dance is super easy to learn: all it requires is for you to walk, sway your hips, and jump around! I particularly love using this sound when I'm in a fancy outfit since I can strut and show it off.

What's your fave TikTok dance? Comment below!

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by Carrie Berk | 3/23/2020