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How to *actually* go an entire day without your phone

Since your phone is likely your main source of contact with the outside world right now, we bet your screen time has skyrocketed. We're all relying on our phones more than ever, but the constant checking of TikTok, Insta, Snap, texts and more can feel overwhelming in itself, too. Here are some tips to revamp your quarantine itinerary and break away from the habit of relying on your cell.

Silence your notifications 



Want a real break? Turn on your Do Not Disturb setting and put your phone in your nightstand drawer. Out of sight = out of mind, right? 

Set time limits for app use


If you don't feel comfortable completely cutting off all outside contact during this time, give yourself a strict time limit for app usage. For example, you can allow yourself to scroll through Instagram for up to an hour out of the whole day. This will allow you to adapt to a life with less screen time. 

Turn on the radio 


Of course you're gonna need some background music for all your new and adventurous indoor activities. This will help keep your energy up and prevent whatever you're doing from feeling stale. If you don't have an actual radio, that's totally ok! Turn on your Alexa or Google Home and tell them what you're in the mood to listen to. 

Find activities that include zero tech 


Loving the couch potato life? You can still watch TV or pick a new flick on Netflix, but challenge yourself to watch the whole thing without checking your phone once. Better yet, take this time to put away all screens and pick up that 100-piece puzzle or finish the last chapters of that book you've been loving. 

Plan out your day 


Let's face it, the main reason we turn to our phones is due to sheer boredom. Combat it by starting each day by writing down a flexible hour-by-hour schedule. Plan out all the different activities and tasks you want to accomplish, and rely on that outline whenever you have the itch to grab your phone for entertainment. 

Practice being attentive 


You know the feeling—one minute you're deep into your homework, the next you're checking your texts—and you have no idea how you got there. For one whole day, stick with the rule that you absolutely must focus on and finish one task before moving on to another. It's called mindfulness...and we think you're going to love it.

How long have you gone without checking your phone? Tell us about it in the comments.


by Cassandra R Lopez | 4/6/2020