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5 art challenges to cure your stay-at-home boredom

It's never too late to get into visual art. Whether you're a skilled sketcher, a practiced painter, or a newbie to cartooning, you can improve your skills. An easy way to start: join an art challenge. They're super-easy to participate in—no matter what level you're at—and you can share your work on socials for feedback and encouragement. Scroll on to find the perfect challenge for you.

Watercolor Month 2020


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Watercolors are a great introduction to painting. The colors are dreamy and soft, perfect for nature scenes or object studies. July is World Watercolor Month, so this challenge is coming to a close soon. But you can still devote 30 days to watercolor and share your work with the world. The hardest step is deciding to start.

Inktober (Year-round!)


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If you have a fountain pen and a few minutes to spare each day, you can participate in 30 days of ink. The challenge is especially popular in October (AKA Inktober), though you can make mini ink art year-round. Learn how to make a comic strip or impress with pretty flowers like the one above. 

Draw This In Your Style


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This classic challenge lets users riff on each other's artwork while developing their own style. If you see a piece you like, you can reach out to the creator for permission to draw it in your style. It gives exposure to both artists and expands your creative horizons. Some artists even repost their faves!

Found Object Art


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The premise behind 'found-object' art is all about reincorporating everyday objects and used or thrown away things into something beautiful. This can mean sculptures, handcrafted pieces, and other unique works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind—like the above angel figurines made of wood and recycled tin cans.

One Color (Or One Crayon)


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This challenge hasn't picked up much steam, which is a shame since the idea is really interesting. Basically, you go about creating art as usual—but you're limited to just one color. If you're really up for a challenge, you can limit yourself further to just one crayon/colored pencil/marker. It forces you to get creative, which is what art challenges are all about.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/28/2020