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These *incredible* sand artists turn the beach into a gallery

If you went to the beach as a kid, you probably built a sandcastle. They're easy to make: pack some sand in a bucket, turn it over, and *voila*. The real challenge is getting the sand to stick together. Or, in the case of these amazing artists, finding enough room to store their trophies. Their work is on a whole 'nother level—and serves up major inspo for your next trip to the seaside. Scroll on to see the artists turning the beach into a gallery.

Andoni Bastarrika

Image: Instagram/@andoni_bastarrika_artista

Bastarrika has earned his fair share of media attention for his impressive and lifelike depictions of animals in sand. The Basque artist spends days sculpting and contouring his pieces to get the hyperrealistic effect seen on the bison above. With skills this good, we're surprised he hasn't turned the whole beach into a zoo.

Remy Hoggard 

Image: Kastle Kelley

Third Place and People's Choice winner at the 2019 Texas SandFest, Remy Hoggard blew competitors out of the water with her angelic sculpture. Titled Sofia, the piece depicts a woman sitting atop a large, feathery eye mask. We can't imagine the effort it took to get all those feathers just right.

Delayne Corbett

Image: Instagram/@delaynecorbett

Corbett competed and won First Place during 2018's Texas SandFest, and he proves it was no fluke with his newer masterpieces. We *heart* the way this artist found a way to make a portrait feel three-dimensional. This cowgirl belongs in a museum.

Jeroen van de Vlag

Image: Instagram/@sculpting_jeroen

This adorable sculpture reminds us of Paddington bear, though in real life he wouldn't be soft to touch. The Switzerland-based artist uses their talents to sculpt sand, ice, and even pumpkins. If this artist could carve our Jack-O-Lanterns on Halloween, that would be great.

Hannah Emmerson

Image: Instagram/@bermudasandcastle

The last fab artist on our list hails from sunny Bermuda. Emmerson has us over the moon (not sorry) with her cartoon rocket come to life. The caption on this photo, originally shared on her Instagram, gives a unique insight into the life of a sand artist. Asked if she was disheartened that her sand art washes away, she replied, "I’m happy the tide gives me a new slate to work with tomorrow!"

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Slider Image: Instagram/@delaynecorbett


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/16/2020