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12 fabulously creative ways to use your new journal

Staring at the blank pages of your brand-new journal with no idea what to do—or where to start? Don't stress. We've got deep thoughts on how you should fill those pages...and make your life even better in the process.

The Creativity Journal 

Image: @journalbean

When you need to decompress, draw it out. Sketching and doodling—or penning your latest ballad or haiku—can be a calming, lo-fi way to banish stress after a zany day on Zoom. 

Ways to draft it: Poems · Song lyrics · Drawings/collages

The Goals Journal

Image: @planwithleanh

Writing out your goals helps you visualize them better—and keeps them top of mind. Try crafting a bullet journal or mind map. which help you get a birds-eye view of big priorities.

Ways to plan it: Project to-do list · Bullet journaling · Mind mapping

The Tracking Journal

Image: @the.lamare

From pinpointing those pesky headaches to spotting potential period problems, keeping up with a symptom tracker can help you uncover clues about health issues before they start.

Ways to log it: Period fluctuations · Headache/migraine triggers · Movement and fitness routines

The Self-Care Journal

Image: @buttermlk_

Writing in your dear diary daily, weekly or even only occasionally can help you process emotions and encourage self-reflection. If regular entries don't work for you, use it as a quick brain dump whenever you feel you need it.

Ways to write it: Daily meditative free-wriiters · Weekly journaling · Gratitude lists

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by GL | 1/8/2021