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3 steps to get the best summer gig

Have you been daydreaming about summer 2021 as much as we have? Without school to keep you busy, you might be wishing for that job experience. We know job-searching can be *super* intimidating, so continue reading for the 3 steps guaranteed to get you that dreamy summer gig.

Step 1: Research

Once you have that idealistic job in mind, figure out what type of role you'd be taking on during a typical workday. Employers love to see related jobs in other areas of your life.

For example, you may want to be a lifeguard at your neighborhood pool. Lifeguarding takes manual labor, customer service, and reliability. Joining a sports team or accepting a club's leadership position would show you're willing to work hard and lead a group.

Continue to strengthen your resume until you feel you're totally prepared for the job.

Step 2: Reach out

Break the ice: Given the virtual world we live in, there are multiple ways you can contact a business about a job opportunity. If the company's on social media, make sure to follow and interact with their platforms in case they post about any open positions. You can also shoot them an email, call them on the phone or talk to a manager in-person. Briefly introduce yourself, tell them why it's your *dream* to work at their business, and ask if they have any job openings.

Your resume: Before you apply for the job, make sure to have a polished resume and cover letter. The resume should be one page in length, with only your most valuable education and extracurricular experience listed. Include a cover letter that's customized to the company and enhances your skills for that specific position. 

The interview: Once you're offered an interview (yay!), make sure to practice so you don't freeze up in the moment. Watch a YouTube tutorial (Cass Thompson has tons of great career-focused videos) or have a family member pretend to interview you. It's smart to arrive to your interview about 15 minutes early and to dress appropriately. If you're applying to your fave boutique, wear a piece from their store or something similar that matches the overall vibe. 

Step 3: Stay persistent

Follow-up: If it's been over a few days since your interview and you still haven't heard back, don't be afraid to reach out again and ask about the status of your application. Either they haven't made a decision yet, or they've been too busy to tell you the good news. Regardless, it's better than waiting for another week, wondering what they thought of your interview (eek!).

Don't be discouraged: Always remember that rejection is totally normal...even if you're doing everything right. Many times, a company simply may not be hiring, which is *tremendously* common right now due to COVID-19. If you really *love* the company, continue to build your resume and try again at a better time. We bet the business will remember and appreciate your courageous, awesome personality.

Applying for a job (esp for the first time ever) can be *really* scary, so pat yourself on the back for having the bravery to put yourself out there, whether you got the gig or not. 

What's your dream summer job? Let us know @girlslifemag on Instagram and Twitter! 

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by Elise Jones and Lexi Casazza | 3/7/2021