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We interviewed GL girls to find out the IRL women who inspire them

Even though March is Women's History Month, we think it should be celebrated allllll year long—which is why we're taking the time to shout out some of the awesome women in our lives. We interviewed five GL girls to find out who inspires them most, and why. Pass the tissues, because these answers are simply *too* sweet.

"My family-friend inspires me greatly. She's an incredible artist—she works as a photographer and videographer for countless projects and co-owns a welding company. In addition to doing run-of-the-mill welding work, she also creates huge art pieces for festivals like Burning Man! I just think it's so cool how she is able to apply her talents to create art that everyone can enjoy for free. She's the coolest." -Madeline R.

"I'm really inspired by my friend. At the time, I was still figuring out what kind of person I wanted to be. I really wanted to be the sort of person who was liked by everyone and never seemed to doubt myself—as I found myself constantly doing. She was the everything I wanted to be: funny, pretty, confident and caring. As I got to know her, I realized she was also really honest and talked to me about how she didn't always feel strong, and about how being true to yourself means being by yourself sometimes. Spending time with her taught me a lot about the kind of person I wanted to be, the kind of person I'm proud to stay true to today. I gained a deeper appreciation for being genuine about what I was excited about, for following my passions and for not taking life so seriously." -Sofia O.

"The person who inspires me the most would have to be my mom. After beating cancer before she even entered grad school, she went on to have an amazing career, and eventually she had me and my brother. She ended up raising the two of us on her own, and has been the most amazing mom—I've never had anything bad to say about her. She inspires me everyday to not let anyone or anything tell me what to do, and to keep those I love close to me. She has taught me how to prioritize myself over anyone else and to follow my heart." -Serena S.

"My mom is my biggest inspiration and my best friend. She always gives 100% to everything she does, and goes above and beyond to do things that brighten other people's days or cheer them up. I can honestly say that she is the most caring and selfless person I know, and she just inspires me everyday to work hard, to go after what I want and to think of how to help others whenever I can. I'll always remember how much she's supported me. She never misses a track or cross country meet, she always makes time to listen to me about my day or take me to Starbucks when I'm having a bad day—even when she's tired. I'm so grateful to have her as a mom." -Abigail A.

"My mom inspires me the most! She is one of the most hardworking and caring people I know. One thing she said that has always stuck with me is that I can accomplish anything as long as I work hard enough for it." -Brianna D.

"My English teacher is my biggest inspiration. She's always so kind and really cares about her students. During lunch, she holds talk sessions where anyone can come in and talk to her about their problems and she'll give advice or just listen. Not only that, she's an amazing teacher! I'm the worst writer in the world but she took the time to help me learn how to write a good essay, which is something I know I'll use a lot in life. She's just the best." -Camille K.

We ❤️ the strong women in our lives! If you have a story to tell about a woman who inspires you, let us know by tagging us on social media @girlslifemag! 


Interviews edited for length and clarity.


by Elina Graham | 5/20/2021