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20 fun things to do before the school year ends

With the weather getting warmer and the countdown until break getting shorter, it can be easy to forget about school and instead focus on the long, hot days ahead of you. Instead of staring at a calendar, try some of these way to keep you excited about each day of school!

1. Surprise your friends
You basically have their Starbucks orders memorized, so why not treat them all one morning? 

2. Get to know one of your teachers 
It's always good to have one teacher who you can go to for anything, whether it's a letter of recommendation or just advice. 

3. Watch the sunrise
Yes, it's early, but if you luck out, watching the sunrise can really be life-changing. 

4. Dress to the nines
Have you been thinking about the dress you bought that you’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to wear? It's time to dust that off and give it a twirl! Pick a day and go all out for your outfit.

5. Get your homework done as soon as you can
Instead of dragging it out until Sunday night, get the weekend's homework finished right after school on Friday. Not only will it free up your weekend, but hey, you might develop a good habit for the next year that way. 

6. Reflect
It's been a wild year. Take some time to sit with yourself and either journal or think about how you've grown over this year, and what it's taught you. 

7. Plan your summer
While some plans should stay spontaneous, if you want to get a killer part-time job or internship, now's the time to apply! Planning ahead will help you stay on top of the bigger things, and help keep your eyes on your goals. 

8. Make a playlist of your current faves
drivers license? Levitating? Create a spring 2021 playlist to document your current obsessions!

9. Clean up your act
No, not just how you treat people, literally clean up your act. Whether it's with your room, your makeup (check out our guide to cleaning your makeup HERE) or your backpack, take some time to tidy up. 

10. Pack an amaze lunch
Try a new recipe for lunch one day! Maybe you'll find a new favorite. 

11. Find your perf summer skincare routine
With summer comes 24/7 sun and sand. If you want to give it a refresh, Hyram (a.k.a. @skincarebyhyram) gave us his best tips for a routine that'll leave you glowing

12. Become the main character of your life
No, it's not as hard as it sounds! Live life to the fullest and be unapologetically you, along with other attitude-helping hacks

13. Make a delish before-school breakfast
Breakfast *is* the most important meal of the day, so why not make it yummy? Sub your normal cereal for a savory omelet or refreshing smoothie. 

14. Create a summer reading list
Whether you're a mystery, YA or fantasy person, there's bound to be the perfect book for you. 

15. Say "thank you"
Take some time before the school year ends to thank anyone who made your year great. Even if you've told them it already, they're bound to appreciate it. 

16. Take Polaroids
A new take on a classic, Polaroids are a super cute way to capture your favorite memories!

17. Make a new friend
Not only will you have someone cool to hang out with for the summer, they might also be in your classes in the fall!

18. Get 100% on a test
Take your time studying and putting in the work to get an amazing grade on a test. Trust us, it'll be worth it. 

19. Update your summer wardrobe
From tie-dye to puffy headbands, there's so many fun new trends to try for summer!

20. Learn something new
Take up a new hobby, and spend the summer perfecting it!

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by Serena Sherwood | 5/19/2021