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5 ways to romanticize your life this summer

Everyone wants to be the main character, right? You know who I'm talking about: the girl from books and movies who is somehow both relatable and aloof—she goes to high school, works a job, has friends, plays sports, yet when she does it, it's so different from when you do it. She's got that little extra sparkle; partly attributed to the fact that Hollywood paints over everything with a paintbrush dipped in glamour, but also because she's able to live life to the fullest. 

Though we can't instantly glamorize everything about life (grocery shopping will always be boring, IMO) we do know some ways you can live a more you centered life this summer!

 Capture moments with a disposable camera


It's easy to take out your phone for a quick pic (anyone else have a camera roll full of sunsets?) but it's nice to have a physical copy for moments really worth remembering. Plus, you can make a *super* cool photo wall in your room. Can you say #roomenvy? 

Host parties (safely, ofc)


In every teen movie, the main character throws a party. Whether it ends with a meet cute with the love interest or a frantic cleaning montage depends...but it's clear that hosting a party will make *someting* memorable happen for sure. Since we're still in a pandemic, invite two or three friends over for a socially distanced outdoor party! Bonus, pick a theme and have your guests dress for the occasion. 

Update your wardrobe


Your summer uniform of denim shorts and flowy tanks is adorbs, don't get us wrong. However, take the opportunity to switch it up! Add a leather cuff or a maxi skirt to your closet. It'll be fun and we can ensure that your new fashionista persona will *def* give you a pep in your step. 

Do something uncomfortable 


Whether it's asking dad to take you out driving for the first time or going to the beach by yourself, try to do something that puts you out of your comfort zone a little. You'll have a good story to tell and hey, maybe this will put you on a new path!

Make a point to talk to someone new frequently 


Approaching new people can be intimidating, we know. But in the books, this is how the main character meets her new bae or bff! Go to your fave park or cafe, look for someone your age who has a friendly demeanor, then go up and introduce yourself and ask if you can join them! Worst case scenario, you call your BFF and laugh about the experience. But we're willing to bet you'll meet someone cool.

This is *your* summer! Go girl! 



by Elina Graham | 5/5/2021