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Your step-by-step guide to the perfect summer staycation

It's summer, besties! It's no secret that last year's summer wasn't exactly perfect, but summer 2021 is already off to a great start! With COVID-19 travel restrictions easing up, destination summer vacay plans are being made. Whether your trip isn't planned 'til later in the summer or you don't have a trip planned at all, you've got to take a staycation before school starts! Staycations are a great way to get out and get the most out of your summer, without hopping on a plane or having to pack your bags. Keep reading for our fave staycation tips *and* a planned itinerary of things to do. 


General Tips

Take a break from your routine.
The point of any vacay is to get away from normal daily life. If you wake up promptly at 8:30 am every day (Woah, you go girl), switch it up! Let yourself sleep in or wake up extra early to see the sunrise. 

Do your research.
Treat your town like it's a place you've never been! Do some digging and you'll learn something new about where you live. Find historical landmarks or cool spots you didn't know much about before and add those to your itinerary! Discovering a new part of your area can give you access to experiences that make your town feel like a whole new place. 

Get some new perspective.
Similar to the last tip, the key to enjoying your staycation is looking at your hometown in a new light. Maybe you drive by the ocean on the way to the mall every day, but have you ever noticed how the sun bounces off the water? Appreciate the things you take for granted and seek out different points of view. 

Take photos!

Pics or it didn't happen, bb. Search for fun photo-ops while you make your way through the day—maybe even post some on Insta when the day is done! Don't be afraid to switch up your outfit game too. 

OK, now that you've got these tips under your belt, it's time to plan your day of fun! Use the itinerary below as a guide and add details specific to your town and interests!


1. Rise and Shine! 

2. Put on your fave workout clothes, it's time for some time with nature! Take a morning hike, a walk on the beach, or try a morning yoga sesh in your backyard.


3. Get ready for the day. Work some self-care into your morning ritual—maybe a facial or some journaling? Don't forget to wear your favorite comfy summer outfit.

4. Time for Brunch! Invite some family or friends to a local restaurant for some *delicious* breakfast/lunch. Try out a spot you haven't been to before or a place you don't go to enough!

5. Shopping! What's a vacation without a little shopping? Even if it's just window-shopping, find some local shops to visit. Boutiques have just as cute a selection as large chain stores, but 10x the character! Looking for cute/vintage clothes that won't cost you your savings? Try thrifting during your staycay! If you need some guidance in the thrifting department, GL's got you covered. 


6. Coffee Break! Your feet are probably tired from walking around your town, which means it's the perfect time for a coffee break. Although we love our Pink Drinks, try not to go to Starbucks! Search for a local cafe and you won't be disappointed. Freshly baked muffins? Yes, please. 

7. Sightseeing! Remember that research from earlier? Here's where it comes in handy. Pay a visit to those historical landmarks, find a museum or, if all else fails, do some more shopping and walking around! 


8. Head back home. Don't worry, the fun's not over yet, we're just gearing up for the evening portion of our staycay. Take a quick shower if you need to and get ready to head out again.

9. Dinner! The key to ending your staycation successfully is to go out on a high note—good food. Dressing up for dinner is *such* a mood-booster and staycation staple!


That's all there is to it! Follow this guide and your staycation is bound to be ah-mazing. Here's to the best summer yet!


by Riley Yates | 7/1/2021