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Here's how you should plan your fall, based on your zodiac sign

School's back in session, and having free time on the weekends is both a blessing and a curse—Sunday boredom is *so* real. Luckily, we're here to help! We've got all the deets on how you can have the *most* memorable weekend plans all fall long!

Aries: Game day with friends

Aries, we know you love a good competition. Your ability to tackle challenges makes you the perfect host for a weekend game day! Invite the whole friend group over for a day of field games, ball games, or maybe even some challenges in the kitchen! Make a day of friendly competition or keep the games going all fall long. 

Taurus: Aesthetic picnic

Taurus, it's time to put those artsy skillz to work. What better way to spend a perfect fall day than in nature? Whether you're at a park, field or even just your backyard, this is the time to achieve those cozy cottage-core vibes. Have your besties join you (in their cutest outfits, of course)! Bring your fave foods and take your artistry one step further by packing some painting supplies. Who knows, maybe weekly painting picnics are about to be your fave friend tradition! 

Gemini: Brunch with friends

Gemini, fall is a great time to let your outgoing quality shine. This fall you should def plan a weekend brunch for yourself and all your besties. Whether you host it in dining room or make reservations at your favorite local spot, you're bound to love the process. Incorporate all the fall things—warm drinks, cozy lighting, and yummy food. 

Cancer: Movie night

Cancer, it's safe to say you bring a lot of heart to the zodiac. The best weekend activity to feel *all* the feels is definitely a movie night. Pop some popcorn, bust open some candy, and get cozy with friends, family or pets. Need a movie rec? We've got you covered. 

Leo: Become an influencer

Leo, it's no secret you love a good moment in the spotlight, and there's no shame in that! Use any free time you've got this fall to try and get social media famous! Whether you choose TikTok, Insta, Pinterest, Youtube or something else as your platform, use your *killer* work ethic to grow your audience and find your passions as a creator. 

Virgo: Create the perfect itinerary

Virgo, you're so on top of things. Your ability to plan activities and keep everyone organized makes you the perfect person to create the itinerary for a weekend getaway! Your friends and family can count on you to find all the good food spots and hidden gems of your destination. From pumpkin picking to hay mazes, you're so gonna plan the best fall weekend. 

Libra: Self-care day

Libra, you've worked hard all fall— it's time for some R&R. Turn on your fave chill Spotify playlist and take some time for yourself. Start your self-care day with some journaling or meditation, treat yourself to a facial or some fancy skincare, and drink all the green tea your heart desires.

Scorpio: After-school job

Scorpio, this year is all about racking up those dollars. Your determination makes you the perfect candidate for an after-school job. Don't work too hard, though. Work with your friends! Get some inspo from one of our fave Netflix shows, The Baby-Sitters Club,  and offer your services to all the neighborhood moms. You'll gain so much experience and have the best time!

Sagittarius: Spend time outdoors

Sagittarius, colder weather is upon us. Enjoy the crisp air and fall colors by getting outdoors! Exercise your spontaneous nature with random hiking trips, nature walks and even neighborhood strolls. 

Capricorn: Quality time alone

Capricorn, the best part about fall for you is the chance to spend more time at home. This is probably because home has all the best snacks and blankets, not to mention you get your space to yourself. This back-to-school season, challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone while still maintaining this sense of security. Venture to a quiet bookstore or maybe grab your favorite Starbucks drink and go for a walk— anything that makes you happy. We're alllll about self-care. 

Aquarius: Go thrifting

Aquarius, you have an eye for the eccentric. Do thrift stores know about you? Put your shopping skills to the test to find the most unique and original pre-loved pieces. You'll be saving the planet and your wallet. After a day of thrifting, your closet is going to get quite the upgrade and you'll be rocking fresh styles all school year.

Pisces: Road trip

Pisces, a road trip was made for a free spirit like you. Grab your BFFs and head off on an Insta-worthy weekend road trip. Venture to a cool landmark, fall fair or even just go on an adventure to find the prettiest fall picture spots! Oh, did we mention you *must* incorporate our favorite Pisces, Olivia Rodrigo, into your road trip playlist

Now, you're ready to break out the sweater-weather fits and get started! The word "boredom" isn't even in your vocab this fall now that you've got this inspo. Go live your best life!

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by Serena Sherwood and Riley Yates | 10/10/2021