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School's out: 5 cute summer planner ideas

School is finally out! Staying organized during summer can be tough—but we're here to help. Now is the perfect time to plan your summer days while staying in style. There's so much to do between summer reading, hanging with friends and soaking up the sun. Keep reading for  five tips to make the *cutest* summer planner. 

Step 1: Get supplies

To get started you'll need some paper, pens, fun stickers and any other materials you have on hand. Fun markers and pens are great for adding extra color and excitment. I love these pens for writing and drawing. As well as this tape to add a little something extra. 

Step 2: Pick a color scheme 


Nothing says orgnaization like a clear color scheme and color coding. Play around with your fave colors and mix and match. This blue and purple planner is a perfect example. By sticking to a few colors and choosing a few others for pops of colors in stickers or writing- it creates a super clear and clean look! 

Step 3: Write down your schedule and think of fun activities 


Start by writing down your core activities like what days to do summer reading or chores. Next, you can start by writing in other fun activities! Using fun colors and different markers add lists of goals or fun movies to watch with friends. Even add in fun sleepover ideas or when you wanna hang with friends. 

Step 4: Fun fonts 

Personalize the planner. By adding in cute fonts and handwriting, the planner will be super cool! I reccomend practicing first on another sheet of paper or tracing over printed out fonts from online. 

Step 5: Add glitter, tape and stickers

One can never have enough stickers!! Rember to add in fun stickers and tape all around your planner. Personalize it and make it super fun—glitter and watercolor are other great ways to add color. If you have magazines on hand cut out summery pics to glue in for that extra level of cuteness. 

Happy planning! Let us know how you stay organized during summer. Tag us on insta @girlslife showing off your cutest planners! 

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by Mary Mallavarapu | 7/8/2021