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Your guide to becoming a plant mom this fall


POV: You're vibing in your ultra-aesthetic room, the sun is shining through your windows and the vibes are immaculate. Sounds ah-mazing, right? We think so, too. The secret to turning your space (your physical surroundings *and* your mind) into this serene setting is simple: plants. Think becoming a plant mom is challenging, demanding and not for you? We've rounded up all the key elements to becoming a successful plant mom, and spoiler alert: It's easier than you think

1. Pick your plant
A lot of things go into finding what plant should be your first. You have to consider how much water the plant needs, how much sunlight is best and what sort of conditions will allow it to thrive. Below are three beginner-friendly options!

Snake Plant
Fancy science name: Dracaena trifasciata
Benefits: Absorbs harmful toxins and decreases the risk of airborne diseases

Snake plants are *so* forgiving. If your room doesn't see a whole lot of sunlight and you're still getting the hang of a watering schedule, the snake plant is a great option for you.

Spider Plant
Fancy science name: Chlorophytum comosum
Benefits: Pet-friendly and air-purifying

With the same sunlight/water requirements as the snake plant, a spider plant offers a bit more variety in the potting world. It could look great on a bookshelf or dresser, or you could try hanging it from your ceiling. Because of how the spider plant grows, a hanging planter is sure to give your space an extra boost of whimsy and joy. 

Angel Wings Cactus
Fancy science name: Opuntia microdasys
Benefits: Mood-booster

Succulents are 100% the queens of the beginner-plant kingdom. The Angel Wings Cactus, also referred to as the Bunny Ears Cactus (adorable, we know), is a great succulent to start with. Prickly plants deserve love too! 


2. Find your zone
Now that you've chosen your plant, it's time to find a place for it. Plants add so much life and joy to our spaces, so it's important to choose wisely. One of the biggest factors when curating a plant-friendly environment is proximity to a window. Not all plants require the same amount of sunlight. Where some can thrive on the bookshelf across from a window, others need to be up close and personal on the window sill. Once you acquire more plants, you can start to cultivate little clusters of greenery around your space or keep it minimal with your OGs. Add some spice to your plant's home with fun crystals, plant picks, stones, and candles. Make it your own! 

3. Keep it going
When you first bring your plant(s) home, you're riding that new-plant-mom-high. This excitement and dedication is so essential, but it's usually the first thing to go when your plant starts to decline. So how should you stay motivated week after week? There's a couple of precautions to take to keep yourself in check. 

Set a watering schedule
You've done your research, so you know how often your plant needs to be watered. That isn't some random suggestion! Consistent watering is your plant's lifeline. If your plant needs watered weekly, pick a set day and time each week to do so. You can set a weekly reminder, alarm or download an app like Blossom, which can also give reminders and info on your plants. Be sure that your plant is in a place you see frequently—out of sight, out of mind is all too real. To keep things convenient, keep water in your room or near your plants for quick and easy access. 

Track your progress
Who doesn't love to celebrate little victories? Take a photo of your plant on day one, and every week/month after. You'll be able to track your progress and plant growth and you'll have concrete proof of your hard work paying off!


4. You grow girl! 
Look at you, plant mom! You're on the road to success. Put in the hard work and you will be *so* rewarded. Not only will you be breathing in fresh air and good vibes, but your space just got a new upgrade, too. Whether you're bringing in one plant or five, you can't go wrong with adding some greenery to your life. You've got this!

We can't wait to see your new plants! Tag us in your progress pics @girlslifemag on Instagram.

Slider Image: @shoppigment
Plant Infographics: @britandco


by Riley Yates | 9/16/2021