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Make your Insta casual again with these easy tips

We all know (and love) Instagram for its easy-to-use interface, fun captions and how connected it makes us feel. Underneath the aesthetically pleasing pictures, however, there's a darker side of the platform, one that makes users obsess over feeds, likes and comments rather than what the app was originally intended for: sharing snapshots of our lives with our friends. With influencers posting brand sponsorships, photoshopped pictures and "highlight reels," it may seem like Instagram will never be casual again...but that doesn't have to be the case. This past November, I created a new, casual Instagram to help me escape from the pressures of posting "strategically" on Instagram. Interested in learning how *you* can do this too? Keep reading to learn all of my  tips and tricks for making your casual Instagram as happy (and healthy) as possible.

Make a new account 

Making a new Instagram account is a great way to purge your social media of outdated followers and posts that you no longer want. When you create a new profile, you avoid the hassle of unfollowing people and deleting all of your pictures. On your new account, follow people with positive vibes who won't judge you for posting what you want. This way, you can also keep using your other Instagram as a "main" account and make your new account your "casual" or "spam" Instagram.


Don't stress about photo quality

If you've seen the photo dump trend taking over social media lately, then you know *exactly* what kind of posts people are putting on their casual Instagrams. Casual IGs are *all* about posting random, spontaneous content that makes you happy, so whenever you stumble across a picture that you like, you can post it with no stress or pre-planning involved. Rather than over-saturating or editing your picture, you can opt for a natural look (or don't, it's your account)! Just remember, your followers aren't going to care how HQ your pictures are, so post whatever you like.


Make it private

When your Instagram is public, you don't know who might stumble upon your page. By making your casual Instagram private, your account will feel *so* much more personal, and you'll be able to share photos with the specific people you want to see them. Having a private account also relieves the stress of likes and comments, which is an added bonus.


Customize your account settings

Instagram now also gives you the ability to remove comments and likes from your pictures, if they make you uncomfortable. The purpose of your casual IG account is to make *you* happy, so feel free to remove these options and focus on posting content for enjoyment, not validation.


Forget social media etiquette

When you make a casual Instagram, you no longer have to play by the social media rules. If you take an artsy picture of your ice cream sundae, gram it. If you snap a silly selfie with your mom, gram it. If you stumbled upon a funny throwback, gram it. Regardless of what the content is, you should feel free to post whatever you want, whenever you want.


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Slider Image: @baileymarshall. Top image: @oufittinginspo


by Zohar Peleg | 9/15/2021