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Just a list of random things to do on Halloween that aren't trick-or-treating

You know it's a good sign when Halloween is on a weekend...

We can't get enough of allll the frights and fun of a certain fall holiday—and who are we if not your own personal event planners? So we've rounded up our all-time fave Halloween activities into your agenda for the day—that aren't trick-or-treating. Don't be shy! Grab your girlies (erm...ghoulies?) and get down to business celebrating the season.

SPEND THE MORNING AT THE LOCAL FARM...Complete with fresh goodies and the *cutest* farm animals to feed.


LET YOUR COMPETITIVE SIDE SHOW finding your way through a corn maze.


GATHER SOME APPLES from a nearby apple orchard.

PICK OUT YOUR FUTURE JACK-O-LANTERNS at the nearest pumpkin patch. 


MAKE A HEALTHY SNACK with pumpkin seeds from your pumpkin-carving party.


HIT UP THE HAUNTED HOUSE and get scared silly.

HOST A HALLOWEEN MOVIE MARATHON. We love a Disney Channel original like Twitches or classics like Practical Magic.


ROAST SOME S'MORES. Think it's just a summer thing? Think again.


What's your fave Halloween pastime? We need inspo too sometimes! Let us know on Insta by tagging @girlslifemag.


by Erin Sargent | 10/30/2021