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Your 2022 horoscope (aka why this year is getting a crucial update)

*Crucial update*

2022 is going to be way, way better. (We promise.)

BUCKLE UP, because 2022 is a year of big changes and reflections. When Uranus (planet of innovation) leaves its retrograde and goes direct in Taurus on Jan. 18, it ushers in some major transformations. After the momentous events of the past few years, this period is a moment to breathe (phew) and focus on peace, progress and positivity (yay!).

Throughout the year, Jupiter (planet of luck) toggles between dreamy Pisces and ambitious Aries, making it a time to both discover new passions *and* feel bold enough to pursue them. 

But there are also lots of opportunities for reflection: Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on June 4, Neptune retrograde in Pisces on June 28, Jupiter retrograde in Aries on July 28 and Uranus retrograde in Taurus on Aug. 24. All of these pauses allow us to slow down and reassess, from checking in with our friendships to being honest with ourselves about whether the hobbies we signed up for make us truly happy. 

Keep reading to see your highly specific 2022 forecast, because it's going to be an amazing year. Pinkie swear. 


While 2022 officially starts when the clock strikes midnight, the new year for Aries is more tied to the zodiac (aka when the sun enters your sign on March 20). With a boost of fiery energy (and Mercury entering your sign on March 27), you feel like you're *finally* off to a fresh start. This vibe is magnified on April 1, when the new moon in your sign helps you manifest your most ambitious goals.

Next, three big events bring you even more fun and fortune: Venus (planet of beauty) enters your sign on May 2, which makes you feel like you have the gravitational pull on others. Then Jupiter (planet of luck) enters Aries on May 10. Finally, action-packed Mars (your ruling planet) enters your sign on May 24. Whether you're running for student council or flirting with your crush, this is the time to throw your hat into the ring. 

A word to the wise: As great as all this feels, what comes up must come down. On July 18, Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign, which can suddenly make progress feel slow (you'll feel like your winning streak could be coming to an end as you deal with lukewarm responses from people). Try not to take things too close to heart: When the full moon is in your sign on Oct. 9, you can reassess your game plan. Are you too impatient? Are your expectations too high? Do that work, because good news is coming again: By Dec. 20, Jupiter will be out of retrograde and in your sign, so your year ends on an especially high note. 


Uncharacteristically putting off making your resolutions? Don't worry. Right after Jan. 1, the new moon in Capricorn helps you figure out what you want from 2022. And although Mercury retrograde arrives on Jan. 25 (making you feel distressingly disorganized), Venus (your ruling planet) comes to the rescue by entering Capricorn on Jan. 29. 

Still, this somewhat rocky start can make you feel untethered—a mood you struggle to deal with. When Mercury (planet of communication) enters your sign on April 10, you start to talk more about your feelings with those you trust instead of retreating in your (perfectly decorated) room. 

When the sun enters Taurus on April 19, you feel super supported by your friends, which lasts until Mercury once again goes retrograde on May 22—this time, in your sign. (And Venus, once again, smooths things over by entering on May 28.)

What to make of all this? The general theme is learning to sit with unsteadiness—whether it's a less-than-stellar grade, unexpectedly canceled plans or even just feeling a little bit off.

When Uranus (planet of innovation and change) goes retrograde in your sign on Aug. 24, you'll feel even more stuck. As uncomfy as it is, try to embrace this unique space of not knowing what happens next. By Nov. 8, when the full moon lunar eclipse happens in Taurus, you'll know exactly what you need to let go of in order to move forward.


The new year starts off splendidly for you. On Jan. 2, Mercury (your ruling planet) enters airy Aquarius, adding an exciting depth to your conversations.

On Feb. 1, the new moon in Aquarius makes you take a hard look at your core values. Juno (the asteroid of partnership) also enters Aquarius, helping you realize how much you enjoy getting to know people—even though it's something you sometimes struggle to do.

By the time Mercury enters Gemini on April 29, you're feeling extra confident in your relationships, enjoying the freedom of speaking your mind a lot more frequently. Just be cautious of diving into gossipy territory: Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, making you prone to misspeaking. 

The sun enters your sign on May 20, making you even more magnetic—and the new moon in Gemini on May 30 helps you set intentions around your friendships and crushes. (This is a good time to think of specific people you'd like to be closer to.)

Mercury enters your sign on June 13, giving your conversational skills a boost. Venus enters Gemini on June 22, helping you feel more likable. And Mars enters on Aug. 20, aiding you in keeping track of all your plans. If there are any tensions in your relationships, the full moon in Gemini on Dec. 7 helps you reevaluate them all with a clear head, keeping your connections thriving.


The full moon in Cancer on Jan. 17 feels especially potent to you. (The moon also rules your sign.) While you're sometimes more comfortable pushing certain emotions away, this is the time to embrace really feeling *everything* (you'll learn something new about yourself). Frustrated in a class? Close friend letting you down? This is the time to be honest about any negative feelings that have been brewing.

The new few months have a lot of action in dreamy Pisces: the sun on Feb 18, followed by a new moon on March 2, which helps you set intentions around your wildest dreams.

When the sun enters again on June 21, you feel a little more like your best self. On June 28, the new moon in Cancer helps you know exactly what you need from your friends and family. And when Mercury (planet of communication) enters Cancer on July 5, you're finally ready to reveal your innermost thoughts. This will strengthen your connections as people will feel closer to you because they know you truly trust them.

The best news happens at the end of 2022: Jupiter (planet of luck) enters Pisces on Nov. 23. Remember those big dreams you manifested earlier in the year? Now's the time to see if they came true. If not, start shooting for them!


The beginning of the year feels admittedly snoozy...that is, until the full moon happens in your sign on Feb. 16. This prompts you to go back to the drawing board with your resolutions. 

Are there things on your list that feel like goals you're supposed to have, rather than accomplishments you actually care about? As a Leo, you can do nearly anything you set your mind to—but the key is really believing in what you're working toward.

When Jupiter (planet of luck) enters action-focused Aries on May 10, you feel ready to pounce, especially when fiery Mars also enters Aries on May 24. This is why taking stock of your ambitions is so important: You don't want to waste energy on pursuing clubs, friendships or crushes that you know deep down aren't really right for you.

Still figuring it all out? Thankfully, there's plenty of time to course-correct: Mercury enters your sign on July 19, right before the start of Leo season. And when the new moon arrives on July 28, you're prompted to rewrite (or revise) your intentions, which can be stronger than ever now that you have the hindsight. P.S.: If any of them involve a crush, Venus (planet of love) is in your sign starting on Aug. 11, making it the perfect time to send a flirty DM or finally ask that cutie on a date. 


The beginning of the year can feel disorienting. Mercury, your ruling planet, is in fellow earth sign Capricorn when it goes into retrograde on Jan. 14, messing with your communication until Feb. 3. For a sign that rarely makes a fuss, you're suddenly more prone to conflicts. Eep.

And if that wasn't enough, a full moon on March 18 can further make you feel like you're on shaky ground. But this moon (combined with the sun in romantic Pisces) is a good time to reflect on any recent heartbreak—with a crush on even a friend. If you've felt particularly let down by someone, now's the time to process it...and finally let it go so you can move on. 

Come August, the mood shifts. Mercury enters your sign on Aug. 4, easing up communication through Aug. 22, when the sun enters your sign and kicks off your season. By the time the new moon tolls up on Aug. 27, you feel clearheaded about your emotions—and have a better idea of who brings out the best in you.

That perceptiveness is v. helpful, because Venus (planet of love) shows up on Sept. 5, making it easier to vibe with new people (especially someone you've had an eye on). Mercury retrograde on Sept. 23 might throw a wrench in your texts, but it's short-lived. On Oct. 2, you are totally back on track, making all the connections your heart desires.


Having a set of scales represent your sign has never felt more fitting, because this year is all about balance. For example, January starts off strong with Mercury in breezy Aquarius, boosting your already strong social skills. But on Jan 14., Mercury goes retrograde, suddenly making you struggle to say how you really feel.

Similarly, when the new moon happens in Aquarius on Feb. 1, it prompts you to explore your truest, quirkiest self. The feeling magnifies when Venus (your ruling planet) enters Aquarius on March 6.

Are there thoughts you've quieted for the sake of not coming off too weird or too different from everybody else?

When the full moon in Libra happens on April 16, you're ready to put behind any lingering insecurities about who you really are. And when Mercury enters your sign on Aug. 25, you feel ready to be more open about all facets of your personality—even when Mercury goes retrograde on Sept. 9.

Late September (your season starts on the 22nd) is especially big for you. The new moon in your sign on the 25th makes you finally ready to set new goals around what you want—and Venus enters your sign on the 29th to make you feel ready to take them on.


Not that you need any help in the deep introspection department but, phew, this year will bring a *lot* of that your way.

First is the full moon in fellow water sign Cancer on Jan. 17, prompting you to plunge into your emotions. If there are any lingering grudges, now's the time to let them go. 

With so many planets in Pisces from February to April, you generally feel very in touch with yourself—and unapologetically so. While Scorpios can usually be a bit mysterious, you feel emboldened to share your opinion more often, all of which is heightened by the full moon total eclipse on May 16. 

This, more than anything else, makes you value the straight shooters in your life: You're not in the place to deal with two-faced personalities or unclear motives. Venus and the sun are in your sign on Oct. 23, giving you the energy to prepare for the new moon partial solar eclipse two days later (which helps make any new changes in your personality a little more solidified). 

And when chatty Mercury enters your sign on Oct. 29? You feel even more ready to share the revelations and observations of the past year with your closest friends, which will only strengthen your bestie bonds. 


There isn't a ton of action in fire signs at the start of the year, which makes your already-antsy self wonder when 2022 will truly start. It isn't until the new moon in Aries on April 1 that you start to feel excited about making big plans for the year (one of your favorite pastimes).

The good vibes continue when your ruling planet, Jupiter (also the planet of luck), enters fiery Aries on May 10. This, combined with the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14, will make you reassess what's been holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

In your case, it might be something as simple as an inability to commit to one thing at a time (a common prob for Sags). 

While there's a lot of luck coming your way, it ceases to be as effective if you're not intentional or realistic about your goals (it's very hard to be the best at school *and* extracurriculars while also having a stellar social life).

Take the next few months to sort out your priorities. Come Nov. 16, Venus (planet of love) enters Sag, followed by Mercury the next day and the sun on Nov. 22, making it easier to attain whatever you set your mind and heart on.

And if you're still not sure where to focus your efforts? The new moon on Nov. 23 will bring much-needed clarity.


New Year's actually feels momentous for you: Jan. 2 brings a new moon and, with it, new beginnings. Resolutions in hand, you hit the ground running on Jan. 24, when action-packed Mars enters your sign. You're a little derailed the next day (thank Mercury retrograde), but soon gentle Venus arrives on Jan. 29, helping to keep drama at bay.

For the next six months, you'll feel pretty relaxed, especially compared to how the year started. You know what you want to accomplish and set out to make it happen. When the full moon hits your sign on July 13, that's the time to check progress. Are you where you thought you'd be?

If the answer is no, have no fear: Pluto (which symbolizes huge revelations) enters your sign on Oct. 8, helping you uncover what you really want in life.

Then, just as the year started with a lot of planetary action, it'll end with a roller coaster: first, Mercury on Dec. 6, followed by Venus in Capricorn on Dec. 9—both perfect for any goals that relate to making new friends or standing out from the crowd.

On the 21st, the sun enters your sign, followed by a new moon in Capricorn on the 23rd, prompting you to welcome big, exciting changes in your life.


Having thought a lot about how you want 2022 to look, you start off on the right foot when Mercury enters your sign on Jan. 2, helping you vocalize your goals. 

But when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on the 14th, you might start to question if what you care about really matters—or if you're doing enough to achieve it.

These questions stay with you even as your season kicks off on Jan. 19. Both the new moon and Juno (asteroid of commitment) enter your sign on Feb. 1, leading you to strengthen your relationships.

Whether you work on your existing friendships or make new ones, Mercury moving into your sign on Feb. 14 makes it easier to talk, from hashing out old conflicts to approaching someone new. And when Mars and Venus both enter your sign on March 6, you feel energized to expand your circle with lots of new (and amazing) friends.

But that progress feels stalled on June 4, when Saturn (planet of structure) goes retrograde in your sign. But that's also a great time to look back on the progress you've made. If there are still areas of your life you want to work on, the full moon on Aug. 11 can help you take stock. Once Saturn goes direct in your sign on Oct. 23, you feel more confident than ever that you're on the right path.


This year kicks off with Jupiter (planet of fortune) in your sign—and it's hard to find a better astrological omen. While you often feel too idealistic for this world, for once your dreams don't feel so supersized.

When the sun enters your sign Feb. 18, you feel like all your creative endeavors are working out. And the new moon on March 2 helps you solidify exciting new plans.

Mercury arrives on March 9, helping you dig deeper into what matters. Venus in Pisces on April 5 encourages you to open your heart and let yourself crush on someone new (or just lean into your current feels in a relationship). And Mars in your sign on April 14 pushes you to put yourself out there even more.

Everything being so breezy for so long can make Neptune retrograde on June 28 that much more dramatic. Neptune (your ruling planet) deals with dreams and intuition: Time to take a look at some hard truths.

When the full moon happens on Sept. 10, you may (yikes) break up with someone (friend or crush) or drop an activity that stresses you out.

But tough as that is, things soon get better: Juno (asteroid of commitment) goes direct in your sign on Oct. 23, followed by Jupiter direct on Nov. 23 and Neptune in Pisces in December, all of which help boost your relationships and leave you feeling as inspired and optimistic as you did at the start of the year.

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by Lily Johnson | 12/31/2021