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What does your Venus sign say about you?

Love is in the air! Or, should we say, written in the stars? If you're interested in astrology, you probably already know about your Big Three—your sun, moon and rising (or ascendant) signs. But there are other important personal planets on your birth chart that get less Venus.

Venus is the planet of love, romance, money, beauty, fashion and art. Your Venus sign can give you insight into *so* many different things, from how you view your relationships to your personal aesthetic and style to the ways you socialize. It's basically an astrological guide to whatever sparks joy for you.

So, how do I find my Venus sign?

You can look at your birth chart on websites like Cafe Astrology or (or use an astrology app—we found the perfect one for you HERE). Once you've determined your Venus sign, read on to see what it says about you. 


Hey, bold bb! If you're an Aries Venus, you are carefree, assertive and enthusiastic. You're a take-charge kind of person, and that shines through in everything you do—you're the first to text your crush, introduce yourself to a new friend or wear a daring outfit. Your fun-loving nature is also reflected in your relationships; you're always up for an adventure and love to share that with the people in your life. You value directness and honesty—and maybe even a little bit of competition!


If your Venus sign is in Taurus, you're a creature of comfort. You have a very calming presence—people admire how dependable you are. When it comes to friendship and romance, you're careful and can be slow to let others in. Once you do, you're the shoulder to cry on, the one who always gives the *best* advice. You value simple comfort and beauty in the world around you. You know what you like and don't need that to change.


Gemini Venus natives love to chase their curiosity. You're a social butterfly and probably find yourself fitting into lots of different friend groups. You aren't afraid to tell your crush how you feel, but you would rather keep things lighthearted and fun than have deep conversations all the time. Communication is *super* important to you—you love getting to know people and asking them questions about their lives. You're also always in the know. Whether it's binging the latest TV show *everyone* is talking about or trying out that new fashion trend from your FYP, you have an eye for whatever's in style.


If you're a Cancer Venus, you value security above all. Like a crab in its shell, when you feel safe and protected, especially in your relationships with others, you're able to be your best self. You might be the "mom friend"—you always make your friends feel like family, and caring for them comes naturally to you! You're the first to think of a special gift for your crush's birthday, or text a friend something that made you think of them. You have a huge heart and know exactly what to do or say to make others feel loved and understood. You're a total (not-so-hopeless) romantic.


If your Venus sign is in Leo, you wear your heart on your sleeve! You're courageous, sophisticated and fearless when it comes to expressing yourself—just like a lion's roar. You show you care through grand, generous gestures: You're the type of person who will decorate your bestie's locker for their birthday or plan a *huge* promposal for your crush. And when it comes to style, you can always rock a dazzling, eye-catching fit. Excitement follows you wherever you go, so you know how to keep the vibes fabulous and fun.


You're a sensitive soul. While you might seem reserved at first, you care deeply about the people close to you and tend to show them that in small, meaningful ways. It's the little things that make you happy, and that goes for your relationships, too: cooking dinner together with your family, having a chill movie night with your best friends, watching the sunset with your crush. Your quiet, practical nature makes you a level-headed and loyal person to count on—someone who will stick by the ones they love no matter what.


Venus feels at home in Libra, so if you're a Libra Venus, you are in luck. You're graceful, kind and charming, and you love to be surrounded by beauty in everything you do. You're the type of person who has the perfect outfit for any occasion (effortlessly stylish, ofc), or whose Insta feed fits your aesthetic to a T. You thrive when you're able to connect with other people—having a BFF or a bae by your side is most important to you. You're also a true peacemaker and strive for balance in every area of your life.


Since Scorpio is a water sign, this Venus placement totally makes deep waves! If you're a Scorpio Venus, then you like to go beyond the surface level. You're super intuitive and analytical, and you can read anyone like a book, which makes you the *perfect* friend to come to when there's drama of any kind (or when your bestie needs help stalking her crush on social media). When you like someone, you don't always let it show easily. It might take you a while to open up to others, but that just makes the relationships that you *do* have even more special. And the people you care about know that they always have a ride-or-die person in their corner.


If your Venus sign is in Sagittarius, you're a friendly free spirit. You love to seek out new opportunities and adventures every chance you get. You're the girl who will plan a fun trip for your entire friend group or go on an exciting date with your crush. You love to travel and explore, and you're not one to stay in the same place for long. You value different perspectives and tend to be very open-minded. Sag Venuses are also not afraid of change. (Instead, you think it keeps life interesting!)


Hey, boss bestie! If you're a Capricorn Venus, you value hard work and commitment above all. Security and support are important to you—and that affects how you relate to others, too, so you might feel a little nervous to approach your crush or reach out to a friend first. You're a witty, wise person who knows *exactly* what you want. (Let's be real, you probably have a Pinterest board for everything, whether it's the outfits you want to wear next week, what you want your future home to look like or how you want to plan your wedding one day.) Cap Venuses also don't like to rush into things, so the genuine connections you make will def last a long time.


You are unique, laid-back and imaginative. You're very accepting and always make sure that no one around you ever feels judged! While you're super sociable, you are also really independent—you're proud to be your own person and don't feel pressured to change for anything or anyone else. From your fashion sense to your relationships, your originality always shines through, and people totally admire that about you.


If your Venus sign is in Pisces, you're a dreamy darling. Creative and compassionate, you might be especially drawn to art, music or poetry...and may even use those things to share your feelings with the people you care about. The soft, sweet vibes you exude also translate through to your style (we see you *loving* a pastel color palette). When it comes to matters of the heart, you want to be the main character in your very own rom-com, and we're *so* here for it! You believe in true love—and you know you can find it for yourself, too!

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by Samara Smukler | 2/7/2022