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10 activities to add to your spring break bucket list


The sun is shining a little longer these days, which is how we know spring break is *just* around the corner. Already dreaming of how you can spend your week of bliss? We've put together a list of ten ideas that are bound to take your break to the next level. 

1. Build a bouquet


DIY flower arrangements are a great solo activity, especially when you have a good podcast to keep you company. Get a few different flower varieties (Trader Joe's or your local farmer's market are great places to score some cheap bouquets) and mix and match to make your own colorful combo. Plus, paper grocery bags make for Pinterest-worthy wrapping. 

2.  Spend time in the kitchen


Cooking and baking are two of the best ways to enjoy all the bright and fresh flavors of spring. Whether you're perfecting your smoothie bowl recipe or baking gluten-free brownies with the squad, spending time in the kitchen is one of our favorite ways to treat yourself—and your stomach—to a yummy dish.

3. Clean out your closet


It's a cliche for a reason. Spring is the perfect time to do some purging and organizing, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Put all of your heavy winter gear back under your bed and welcome your sundresses and tennis skirts back into your closet. Who doesn't love to make space for spring's new trends?

4. Go for a stroll


It can be hard to find time for yourself during the busy school day and homework-filled weekends. Luckily, spring break is the perfect opportunity to pencil in some much-needed R&R. A mid-morning or golden hour walk is a wonderful way to appreciate the gorg blooms, get your blood flowing and take in all that fresh spring air. 

5. Read a new book


We heart any chance to tackle our TBR. Visit your fave library or bookstore, pick up a new read and spend your week soaking up a captivating story. Bonus points if you get your bestie to read the same book so you can talk love interests, plot twists and everything in between. 

6. Go on a cottagecore picnic


Haven't you heard? Cottagecore is this spring's sweetest aesthetic. Don a pretty floral dress, fill a woven picnic basket with tiny sandwiches and tasty cheeses and find a dreamy meadow to lounge in. You'll thank us later. 

7. Catch a sunrise


In our opinion? The best kind of person is a "look at the sky!" person. Losing that extra hour of sleep is way worth it to soak in the beautiful, captivating pastels of the morning. Whether you enjoy it with a cup of tea or a morning vinyasa flow, you'll be feeling uber-inspired after some one-on-one time with Mother Nature.

8. Make a time capsule


Spring is known as a chance for a fresh start, but there are some memories that we *def* want to preserve forever...and that's where a time capsule comes in. Gather all of your most sentimental possessions, write a note to your future self and store all of your goodies in a cute box. Open in a year...or maybe even ten. 

9. Go thrifting


Sustainable, affordable and fun, thrift stores are a goldmine for beachy essentials and vacay pieces. Curate your dream spring closet by hitting up local second-hand shops. (Psst: Here are our tips to have the thrift haul of your dreams!)

10. Send snail mail


Ever wanted to write your BFF a handwritten letter, join a pen pal program or connect with a relative overseas? Enter snail mail. Snail mail isn't just aesthetic—bc who *wouldn't* want a letter with washi tape, calligraphy stickers and stamps?—it's also a relaxing activity that perfectly balances the excitement and energy of spring.

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by Riley Yates and Zoe Yu | 4/9/2022