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Your official summer song, based on your Enneagram type

Discovering a great new song is surprisingly similar to diving into your personality type. The feeling of finding something you can relate to (and feeling seen and understood by what you uncover) is totally unmatched. And if you *love* personality tests, you've probably heard of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a personality assessment that matches you with one of nine types. Whether you are already an Enneagram expert or you don't know your own type yet, read on to find out which type fits you best—plus the song that's about to become the soundtrack to your summer. 

Type 1: The Reformer - "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself" (Jess Glynne)

Organized, wise and self-controlled, Ones are the true perfectionists of the Enneagram. They are always working on making themselves the best they can be and making the world a better place through their actions, letting their strong moral compass be their guide. While we *love* that Ones set such high standards for themselves, this also means that they can be a little too hard on themselves when they feel like they've failed. Don't worry, Ones! You're doing your best, and that's *always* good enough.

Fave lyric: "Everyone trips, everyone falls / So don't be so hard on yourself"

Type 2: The Helper - "Satellite" (Harry Styles)

Loving and warmhearted Type Twos strive to be a support system and a shoulder to cry on for anyone who needs it. But even though Twos thrive on showing other people how much they're valued, they need—and deserve—that same care, too. "Satellite" will def resonate with this type. While the song sounds light and fun (just like a Two's upbeat personality!), it also holds a deeper meaning about wanting to be closer to someone else and hoping to know if they feel the exact same way. Type Twos, know that you're worthy of love and belonging no matter what.

Fave lyric: "I can see you're lonely down there / Don't you know that I am right here?"

Type 3: The Achiever - "Golden Child" (Paravi)

Threes are set for success. With their drive and ambition, they'll make sure everything they do is nothing short of the absolute best. They know *exactly* what they want, and with their charming charisma, nothing can stand in their way. Paravi's new song "Golden Child," a narrative about wanting to achieve and aim high but also battling against the pressures of perfection and the opinions of others, is totally suited for a Type Three. Threes, always remember that your accomplishments don't define the fab person you are.

Fave lyric: "Blue ribbons won't get out of my head / Is this who I wanna be?"

Type 4: The Individualist - "brutal" (Olivia Rodrigo)

Even over a year after its release, SOUR is still the perf summer album! And its honest, angsty opening track, "brutal," is our pick for a Type Four. Sensitive, creative and self-aware Fours aren't afraid of expressing their own emotions—instead, they lean into vulnerability! Others totally admire that about them. Along those lines, "brutal" deals with the idea of finding your identity and embracing it, while also struggling with self-expression and your own insecurities. Type Fours will *so* have this song on repeat.

Fave lyric: "And lately, I'm a nervous wreck / 'Cause I love people I don't like"

Type 5: The Investigator - "Can I Call You Tonight?" (Dayglow) 

Fives are the thinkers of the Enneagram! They're curious, observant and insightful, always seeking knowledge and loving to learn. They don't shy away from asking questions (even the ones that might be extra difficult). "Can I Call You Tonight?" is a total mixture of different thoughts, questions, feelings and observations—def similar to the inner monologue of a Type Five.

Fave lyric: "It's a spotlight stuck on the ceiling / Why are these the things that I'm feeling?"

Type 6: The Loyalist - "Dark Red" (Steve Lacy)

Are you the "mom friend" of the group? Then you just might be a Type Six. Loyal through and through, Sixes are always ready to stand up for what—and who—they believe in. This type values safety and security above all. They also tend to seek reassurance from the people around them when they feel like they can't trust themselves. "Dark Red" is their summer anthem. A srsly catchy bop with some serious undertones, it tells the story of being afraid that someone important to you will ultimately leave, and struggling to control those anxious, negative thoughts. Remember, Sixes, it's OK to put your faith in someone you love—and, ofc, in yourself!

Fave lyric: "What if she's fine? / It's my mind that's wrong / And I just let bad thoughts / Linger for far too long"

Type 7: The Enthusiast - "Are You Bored Yet?" (Wallows ft. Clairo)

Fun-loving and free-spirited, Type Sevens are always up for a new adventure. And with their lively, enthusiastic personality, you'll totally want them along for the ride. If you're a Seven, you probably *hate* being bored—which is why we picked "Are You Bored Yet?" for your summer song. Sevens will relate to the idea of wanting to relax and have fun, always avoiding feeling unsatisfied in whatever they do. Don't fret, Sevens: Having you around can make anything more exciting!

Fave lyric: "'Cause we could stay at home or watch the sunset / But I can't help from asking, 'Are you bored yet?'"

Type 8: The Challenger - "Breakfast" (Dove Cameron) 

Hey, bold bestie! Enneagram Eights are strong-willed and assertive. Their effortless confidence and passion make them natural leaders. They don't back down from a challenge, need to feel like they're in charge of their choices and are always sure of themselves. Dove Cameron's new single "Breakfast" boasts the perf message for taking control of your decisions and embracing your own power. We see Eights jamming out to this one!

Fave lyric: "So you wanna talk about power? / Let me show you power"

Type 9: The Peacemaker - "simple times" (Kacey Musgraves)

Calm, creative and compassionate, Nines are the daydreamers of the Enneagram. Stability is super important to a Type Nine, and they usually steer clear of conflict. They also make everyone around them feel comforted and are great at bringing people together, which makes them an awesome friend. Sometimes, Nines might want to keep things *exactly* as they are and block out anything that disturbs their inner peace. In "simple times," Kacey Musgraves also sings about throwing it back to her childhood and wanting to escape back into those memories. Nines will love the dreamy, nostalgic tone of this track!

Fave lyric: "Wish that I could put this game on pause / Skip this round, take the headset off"

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by Samara Smukler | 8/1/2022