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15 ways to cheer up after having a rough day

You know those days where you argue with your bestie, bomb your chem quiz, say something weird in front of your crush *and* slip and fall during basketball practice? If any memories of moments like these come to mind, you're like most people...bc after all, who doesn't have a bad day every once in a while?

Some days just aren't great. And that's completely normal and OK. But that doesn't mean you can't cheer yourself up, which is why we've compiled a list of 15 ways to get your happy juices flowing (at least a little). Newsflash: It's never too late to turn around your day, no matter how bummed you might feel.

1. Write a love yourself!

Who said that love letters need to be addressed to other people? Whenever you could use a pick-me-up, it's time to write yourself a letter detailing everything you heart about yourself. Self-love = *so* the vibe.

2. Go for a walk while listening to a positive podcast 

Podcasts can make you feel entertained, inspired and a little less alone in the world (or at least on your afternoon walk!). Not sure where to start? Positive podcasts right this way...

3. Have a dance party 

It's time to hit play on Speak Now (or another one of your fave T-Swift albums) and just dance it out. Tough days can feel like you're carrying a heavy weight, so letting lose with some dancing can make a huge difference.

4. Talk about it 

Trust us: Talking it out can make a huge difference. Sometimes, all we need is a good rant sesh. Call up your bestie or sib, chat with your parents or go see a counselor at your school. Talking through everything with someone you trust can be a good reminder that you are supported and loved!

5. Bake your fave treat 

Baking can be totally therapeutic. There's something oh-so-relaxing about mixing ingredients to create a delish treat to enjoy. And don't forget to make it fun: play some music, FT a friend or ask a fellow sweets-lover to bake with you.

6. Watch your comfort show

Cozy up with your go-to comfort show and temporarily forget about your worries of the day. And if you're looking for something new to binge? We've got you covered. 

7. Use positive affirmations

If you could use some positivity when you're feeling worn down from the day, affirmations are the way to go. Repeat them in your head, say 'em out loud or write them down in your journal. Once you repeat a positive mantra enough times, it'll become your new reality! 

8. Try a craft 

Sometimes, all you need is a good distraction to turn your day around. Grab your scrapbook, your unfinished embroidery project or—if you're not sure where to start—print a coloring page to soothe your mind.

9. Journal

Writing about how you're feeling can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. It can also help you better understand your emotions and reflect on *why* you feel a certain way.

10. Let yourself feel 

It's super easy to try and ignore our feelings, but it's important and healthy to let it all out. You are allowed to cry or scream into a pillow, if it feels right. You don't always have to bottle your emotions up.

11. Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

It's true: Drinking water can actually change your mood. This is your sign to go grab your emotional support water bottle and hydrate, bb! 

12. Take a calming bath 

Soaking in some soothing salts can help calm you down and let go of the day. Add some lavender, play some spa music, put a face mask on and cultivate zen vibes only.

13. Do a cozy yoga video 

Some gentle stretching (in the form of a cozy yoga vid) can help release tension you might not even realize you're carrying. And don't forget to focus on your breathing! 

14. Make some soothing tea 

Warm your body and relax your mind with some calming tea. Or if you're not quite a tea person, you can always opt for a different hot drink (hot cocoa, anyone?).

15. Read a few pages from your fave book

There's nothing like reading from your comfort book. Whether it's a classic like Harry Potter or a book that you just recently read, a little literary escape will be sure to boost your mood.

What's your fave way to cheer up when you've had a bad day? Tell us on Twitter @girlslifemag!

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 3/3/2023