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These tips will *actually* help you get out of bed in the morning

Let's face it: We all snooze our alarms every once in a while. (Those few extra minutes of sleep are just sooo luxirious!) Waking up can be tough, especially if you have an early start. But with these helpful tips, getting out of bed has never been easier. A glowed-up morning routine, right this way...

Start the night before

The key to an efficient morning routine is a good nighttime routine. Prepare everything you need the night before so you're not wasting any time in the a.m. Pick out a cute outfit, pack your lunch and fill your backpack so you can just grab it and go.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour is also key to waking up feeling refreshed and energized. Put your phone down before bed and journal or read a book instead of scrolling. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep so you're well-rested when that alarm goes off.

Place your alarm across the room

If your alarm is right next to your bed, it's just *too* easy to reach over and press that snooze button over and over again. Put your phone or alarm clock across your bedroom, far away from your bed. This will force you to physically get up and out of bed in the morning to turn it off, waking you up in the process.

Listen to some good tunes

Music is a fun way to add some excitement and joy to your morning routine. Curate the perfect morning playlist with all the feel-good songs. Then, as soon as you wake up, blast those bops to get the good vibes going.

Research has proven that listening to music boosts your mood by releasing dopamine, a chemical responsible for making you feel happy. So what are you waiting for? Put those headphones on and turn your morning routine into your personal Eras Tour concert!

Eat an exciting breakfast

There is nothing more motivating than a hot stack of chocolate chip pancakes—but honestly, that's not super realistic (or healthy to eat on the reg). Even if you can't enjoy homemade flapjacks every day, having a delish breakfast to look forward to is another great way to get yourself out of bed.

Recipes such as chia seed pudding, overnight oats, yogurt parfaits and egg bites are easy breakfasts that you can meal-prep or whip up the night before. This way, you can eat your amazing morning meal on the go.

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by Hannah Kennedy | 3/30/2023