Havin' trouble concentrating on schoolwork?

If you have some trouble concentrating on schoolwork, eating too much junk could be to blame.


Conversations about school nutrition are on the rise with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and Michelle Obama's campaign for Americans to eat better, and these celebrities have a point. The foods you eat really can make a difference.


Unfortunately, even with all the press, most school lunches are still unhealthy or just gross. Here are some tips to packing a great lunch to get you through a long day of classes. 


Skip pre-packaged food

It's tempting to get a lot of pre-packaged foods (like individual bags of chips or granola bars) 'cause they're super easy to pack, but those products can have sky-high sodium and sugar.


It can be healthier (and usually cheaper) to make your own yummy snack (my fave is trail mix with nuts and dried fruit). If you just can't give up the chips, get the baked kind rather than fried. 


How much sugar's in that juice?

You might think you're being a smartie by drinking juice instead of soda, but not all juice boxes are created equal. Some have almost as much sugar as the same amount of soda! Make sure your drink is 100 percent juice, or just stick with water. 


Eat a balanced lunch

Make sure you're getting protein during lunch with a peanut butter or tuna sandwich, since that's what'll keep you going during afternoon classes. For a side, take a salad, a piece of fruit, a bag of nuts or yogurt. 


by Alissa Scheller | 2/1/2016
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