How to wow your teacher

Teachers grade hundreds of tests and papers each year, so you need to blow them away and show them something they’ve never seen before. Your teacher has probably read too many “What I Did Over Winter Break” reports to even count, so to stand out from the crowd follow these tips before handing in any assignment and you’ll ace it!


Talk to Your Teacher


A lot of the time all you’re graded on is the final product. If you want to do really well, you can’t just pull something together last minute. You have to really think about it and ask questions.


Try making outlines weeks before your assignments are due and talk them through with your teacher. They’ll see that you’re organized and motivated and hopefully keep all your hard work in mind when they grade you.


Be Creative

Sometimes you have to hand in straight-forward lab reports or annoying math questions, but when it comes to big term projects or essays, creativity is what gets the grade. Pick a topic that you don’t think anyone’s covered before and make it special.

School work doesn’t have to be boring to get a good grade. If you think your essay or project is boring when you’re doing it, chances are your teacher won’t be thrilled reading it and you won’t get a good grade. Teachers are people too, so make them smile or laugh and it’ll pay off.


Personalize Your Work

Everything you do will have its own unique “you-ness” to it, but play up your strengths and make sure you’re handing in an assignment that you’re proud of and not just something you think the teacher will like. Usually when you try to please others without being true to your own style, you don’t get the results you hope for.

If you’re good at art, make it artsy. If you’ve got a killer sense of humor, fill your work with jokes. If you have terrible stage fright and can’t recite an oral report, ask your teacher if you can film a video instead.

Work around your weaknesses and always hand in something you’re happy with because it’s so “you!”


by Jillian Zacchia | 2/1/2016
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