First day fab: Bus stop 101

It’s your first day goin’ back to school, and one of your biggest hurdles is gonna be catching the bus in the a.m. How do you find somewhere to sit? What do you say to the other kid who’s awkwardly waiting with you at the bus stop? And worst of all: What if you miss the bus entirely? Well fear not, babe, ‘cause we’ve got all your bus sitches solved.


Timing Is Everything

Usually, schools will let ya know when the bus driver plans to show up at your stop. But here’s the catch – they’re not always accurate. So for safety’s sake, wake up with enough time to get to your stop 10-15 minutes before the time you’re given. And don’t freak out if the bus is late, either. ‘Cause if there’s more traffic than expected, it could be runnin’ 10-15 minutes behind schedule. So you may end up spending quite a bit of quality time with your bus stop, but at least you’ll know for the rest of the year exactly when you’ll wanna to show up to catch your ride.


And Cue the Jeopardy Music…

So you’ve gotten to the bus stop nice ‘n early, but gasp – you’re not the only one there. Who is that other kid checkin’ out her watch? Guess it’s time to start making introductions. Think of this as practice for all the new people you’re gonna be meeting during the rest of the day, and pull out your friendliest smile. Once you’ve gone through the whole “Hi, what’s your name?” bit, you can keep the convo going by asking where she used to go to school or by comparing class schedules.


All Aboard!

The bus finally pulls up, and it’s time for the real test: finding a seat. If you’re one of the first ones on, you’ll have plenty of spots to choose from. You’ll find that most buses have a hierarchy of seating, though, with the oldest kids in the back and the youngest in front. So in order to avoid any awkward confrontations later, it’s best to sit where your age dictates right off the bat. If the bus is pretty full already and you’re low on options, just snag the first open spot, even if it’s next to someone else. The last thing you want is that awkward moment when you reach the back of the bus and you’ve gotta walk back up the aisle ‘cause there’s nowhere to sit.


First Friend… Or Not

You’ve ended up with a seatmate, and now you’ve got a while ‘til ya reach the school. If the person next to you is listening to music, reading, or busy doin’ something else, go ahead and get out your own book or iPod. But if they’re just sitting there awkwardly, it’s always a good move to smile and say hi. The last thing ya wanna do is make a bad impression by ignoring your seatmate and making them think you’re stuck up. So even if they let your attempts at a convo fall flat, at least you’ll know that you gave it your best shot.


Manners, Manners, Manners

One more thing: Don’t forget to be nice to your bus driver! It may seem unnecessary to make friends with ‘em since you’re only together for a few minutes of the day, but we’re talkin’ a few minutes of EVERY day. So a smile getting on the bus and a thank you getting off will go a long way toward forming a positive relationship. Which means that halfway through the year when ya start hitting the snooze button a few too many times, your bus driver won’t just drive off as you’re runnin’ to get to your stop.


Hey girlies, do you have any stellar tips for avoiding awkward moments on the bus?

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by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016