Silly math class mistakes you need to stop making now

We’re not all mathematicians in the making, but that doesn’t mean we have to swallow sour grades in math classes. There are cinchy ways to pull your grades sky-high, and they have absolutely nothing to do with being a genius. Read on, rock star!

#1. Zoning out while Teach is explaining

Participation points are one thing, but missing an essential part of the quadratic equation? Yeah, that could haunt you for the rest of the semester. It can be boring sometimes, but do your best to pay attention. Sit in the front of the class, take bundles of notes—whatever it is, just do it.

#2. Not attempting a homework problem

When it comes to homework, it’s not about getting it right—it’s about effort. Don’t just scribble the beginning of the question. Do your best to solve that sucker, even if it’s just writing out which theorems you think might be used for a certain part.

#3. Skimping on showing your work

You could get an answer 100 percent right, but only get a handful of points on a quiz or exam because you didn’t show the work to back it up. Don’t be that kid. If you can get the right answer, you can spend a few minutes and a smudge of pencil lead to show your teacher that you know what you’re doing.

#4. Forgetting to put your name on your paper

Raise your hand if you’ve been in a class where your teacher has had to mark big red zeroes on tests that didn’t have a name on them? Yep, I think that makes all of us. Talk about a stupid way to lose points!

#5. Not checking your work for minor mistakes

Dropping a negative in a long line of long division is so easy to do. And you won’t notice that anything’s wrong by the time you get to the end. That’s why you need to check every single line of your work, then when you get to the answer, go back to the question and ask yourself if the answer you got makes sense.

Are you a math whiz? Tell us your best tricks and tips in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016