20 ways to rule the school

Queen bees might have a bad rep, but the truth is you can be totally sweet and still end up on top of the social ladder at your school. Here’s how to befriend everyone, make your teachers love you and have a total blast this year. No, it's not as impossible as it sounds, we pinky promise.

1. Expand your circle.
You know those kinda-sorta friends? Like the girl you wish you could get closer to, but it somehow hasn't happened yet? Start chatting up those types a ton and soon they'll be way more than acquaintances. Yes, even the guys.

2. Sign up.
Being super involved is the easiest way to start having your say, whether that means picking the theme for homecoming or finally starting a yoga club. But with that said...

3. Beware of over-extending yourself.
If you join every committee under the sun, you're gonna burn out fast. You'll start slipping on your commitments and feeling stressed, which is just no good. Balance, babe.

4. Get rid of grudges.
So that girl who slighted you last year? Oh well. The past is the past. Put it behind you and start fresh this year.

5. Be supportive.
You'd want people to back your cause, so get behind theirs. The cheer squad is selling cupcakes to update their unis? Be the first in line for the frosting, even if you couldn't care less about the state of their skirt pleats.

6. Raise your hand.
Teachers, like everyone else on the planet, pay attention to how you act when they first meet you. First impressions can really make all the difference. During the first few weeks of school, make a point to seal your reputation as solid by participating in class a ton.

7. Transcend cliques.
Jocks, band geeks, populars... Who really cares? The faster you learn labels mean nada, the better.

8. Do lunch.
Acting like there are assigned seats in the caf is the worst. Be social and make a point to sit with all of your groups of pals.

9. Make eye contact.
In our screened out worlds, it's easy to just look at your cell 24/7. The next time someone starts a convo with you, drop the emojis and look the person in the eye. It's a small gesture, but it'll make a diff in how you two connect (even if you don't think so).

10. Quit holding yourself back.
Instead thinking up reasons why you shouldn't go to the first dance of the year or why going out for the play doesn't feel like a fab idea, remind yourself why it could be awesome.

11. Smile at everyone.
It's a simple gesture that can make a huge diff in someone's day (plus, it's just the sweet thing to do).

12. Show up.
Whether it's to your BFF's first soccer game or a talent show to raise money for the mathletes, even your presence can be a big deal sometimes. Your time is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

13. Show someone the ropes.
Being the new kid can be tough, so offer up a seat to whoever's fresh to your school. Or, if you're in 8th grade, make a point to "adopt" a sixth grader on your cross-country team or in your clarinet section. Give someone the help and guidance you would've loved to have when you were new.

14. Don't gossip.
No one's perfect, but there's no sense in passing along someone else's bad news. Rise above it.

15. Offer to host.
Is everyone looking for somewhere to hang this weekend? Talk to your parents and then (once you get the OK) suggest your house. Some music, some games or a movie and you'll be set.

16. Volunteer.
One way to get on teach's good side is to sign up when she's asking for help. Even if it's just when she asks, "who wants to read first?" Saying "I can" is a solid start.

17. Watch your body language.
If you wanna rule school, slouching, eye rolling and crossing your arms all gotta go. They're all tell-tale signs that you'd rather be somewhere else...and that's not true, right?

18. RSVP.
You just got invited to a new friend's party? Yay! Now, tell them you can go ASAP and don't wait for better plans to come along. Being reliable will win you popularity points. 

19. Be well stocked.
Keep extra pens, tampons and gum handy. Everyone loves a girl who is ready for anything.

20. Have a blast!
Acting too cool is no fun, so let yourself have tons of fun with your friends this year (new and old). Insta it all to preserve all the memories. Awww....


by Jordan Stern and GL Staff | 8/25/2018
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