20 tricks for squashing school stress



Stressin' over hitting the books? It’s no secret that school can put some major pressure on you -- between math, science and english, we get it ...your brain is on info overload. But don't lose it just yet...keep your cool! Stay calm and follow these tips to beat that stress for good:


It has been proven that stretching in the morning after you wake up can improve your mood. If you ever feel like you’re becoming overwhelmed, turn on some calming music and do your fave yoga moves.

Get enough sleep

You’ve been hearing this your whole life and we’re going to tell you again...getting enough sleep is super duper important. Try setting a time where you have to turn off your electronics and start getting ready for bed so you don’t accidentally stay up all night watching your fave show on Netflix.

Eat well

Having balanced meals throughout the day can drastically change your mood. Eating fresh fruits and veggies can give you the energy you need without giving your body all the unnatural sugars. Before sitting down for a study sesh, try eating an apple! It’ll give your bod the boost it needs and help you focus.

Make a schedule

Getting a planner and writing down all your assignments, after school activities and weekend plans will help you always know what to expect. If you see that you have a major test and a soccer tournament the same week, you can plan out what times would be the best study and get rid of that un-needed cram session.

Have Alone Time

It is easy to get overwhelmed when school starts. Meeting new friends, doing your homework and joining clubs is all very exciting but also very exhausting. Make sure that you pencil in some alone time in your hectic schedule. Use it to do something that you love and to get away from the craziness. 

Reward system

Have you been dying to get a pair of those cute shoes? Is history class totally driving you insane? By putting these two together you can create a reward system! If you have a huge test coming up, tell yourself that if you get an A, you will treat yourself to the shoes of your dreams.

Show you’re making an effort

There’s nothing teachers love more than when a student consistently shows that they are trying. If you know that Math is your worst subject, then take the time to ask the teacher for help before or after school.

Be honest with yourself

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes we lie to ourselves about what’s really going on. If you notice that your grade in Spanish has been dropping and you’re not doing as well as usual, don’t pretend like it’s not happening. You will get hit with tons of stress if you try to go back and re-learn everything days before the huge test. 

Quality over quantity 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you want to have better quality friends than a ton of friends who aren’t really there for you. Friendships are hard to maintain and require tons of effort. Don’t spend your time stressing over having tons of friends when you can rely on a smaller group of friends who will always be there to support you. The sooner you figure this out, the better!

Join clubs

Knowing that all you have to look forward to after school is homework can cause some stress, by adding in something fun it will make going home a little bit easier. Find some clubs or sports team that is a stress free zone where you can have time to relax in between classes and homework. See if your school has clubs like crafting, baking or biking where you can de-stress during the day!

Don’t procrastinate

This is easier said than done, but it is possible! If you know that you’re not the best at time management, recruit your fam for help. Clue them in on your schedule so they know to ask you how a project is coming along!

Make a checklist

Making a to-do list every day is a great way to know what’s on your agenda and to feel accomplished. Put the big stuff like finish book report and start to study for bio, but also put the smaller stuff like pick out tomorrows outfit and fold laundry. By mixing in your usual routine with your school work, you’ll be getting things done in no time.


We know that sometimes school can be the very last place you want to be, but it’s all about your outlook. If you go in hating a certain class, chances are you’re going to horrible time but if you go in with an open mind then the class will be way more fun!


It is scientifically proven that laughter improves your mood. Make sure that you find the fun in your day and spend time laughing with your fam and friends. Whether it’s a hilarious youtube video or a joke, make sure you file ‘laughing’ in your to-do list.

Surround yourself with good

Have you ever found yourself saying phrases that your BFF’s say on a daily basis? That’s because you often reflect those who are around you. If you hang out with  people who are always worrying or being negative, you’ll soon find yourself becoming stressed out over everything. Find positive people who will support you in your decision to be with, because that is where you find happiness.


Exercising is a great way to de-stress and get out any negative moods. If you’re feeling way stressed about an upcoming project, hit them gym and work it all out, literally! You’ll be doing your brain, and your bod, a favor.

Love the outdoors

As much as we love watching Netflix, it is super important to get in our 60 minutes of physical activity a day and we love to do ours outside! Taking a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to get your body moving and clear you head with the wonderful fresh air.

Find a study buddy

If you know that Algebra is going to be the hardest subject for you, keep your eyes peeled for possible study buddies. You’re going to want to study with your buds, but we all know that a very small amount of time is actually dedicated to studying. Pick someone who knows what they’re doing but is also fun to be with!


Find joy and happiness in the little things. Is the café serving your fave meal? Did you hear your favorite song on the radio? If you choose to find happiness in everyday things, your mood can improve!


Go into the new school year with confidence and no one can stop you! You are going to make this school year the best one yet. 

Got some tips of your own? Share in the comments below what helps you de-stress!


by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016