8 feelings everyone at band practice can relate to


Everyone knows that being in marching band is a totally crazy experience—long hours, hard practices, crazy drama…and that’s just in the woodwind section. Check out the 8 feelings every “band geek” totally gets: 

1. When band camp is the best week of your life...ya know, except for the 14-hour days, piping hot dorm rooms and dead arms from hauling your instrument around all day:


2. That feeling of pure hatred when someone messes up and you have to start a song over again for the millionth time (we’re looking at you, percussion):  

3. When it’s the first football game of the season and no one has any idea what they’re doing:  

4. When someone cracks a “One time at band camp” joke for the millionth time:


5. When that cute trumpet player rejects your prom invite right before a game: 


6. When it’s freezing outside and you can’t feel your fingers, much less play all the right notes:  

7. When you finally get a non-band boo, but realize you can never actually see him because of all the practice and competitions:  

8. When you get a standing "O" at a game or competition and you remember why you love this SO much:


Are you in band or have a friend that is? Share in the comments below!  


by Bridget Mallory, Courtney Pons & Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016