The 15 hilarious stages of back-to-school shopping

Ah, back-to school season. Every year, it’s a constant struggle between total excitement and serious sadness that summer is ending. One major positive? Retail therapy, BTS shopping style. Here's how that usually goes...

1. You start to see “back-to-school” commercials as early as July and you want to throw something at the TV. It's still pool season!

2. You just want to hide in your room and have it be summer FOREVER. 

3. But then August rolls around and you start getting all these fresh fall OOTD ideas.

4. Finally, your supply list comes in the mail. Time to shop!

5. On your big shopping day, your mom wants you to come look at binders but all you can think about are those booties you saw in a window a couple stores down.

6. You try to pick out the cutest school supplies, but they’re already a little picked over (probably by the crazy people that consider BTS to start in July. Psh).

7. You have the annual internal debate as to whether or not  you’re too old for folders with kittens on them. 

8. The answer is obviously no.

9. Finally, after convincing your mom that the brand of pencils you chose is fine, it’s time to shop for clothes! 

10. You find a million awesome things and can barely get everything to the fitting room.

11. Oh yeah,  you’ll definitely be best dressed this year. 

12. But then you start to worry that everyone shopped at the same stores as you and they’ll all have the same stuff. Ugh.

13. Never fear, you know you’ll style it in a totally creative way.  

14. You’re pretty proud of yourself as you check out.

15. With all the fab stuff you got, you’re actually a little excited for school to start. Bring it on.

What’s your favorite (and least favorite) part of back to school shopping? Have you taken the journey yet?

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by Katy Herman | 8/3/2018