MayBaby's top 10 tips for back to school confidence

YouTube sweetie Meg DeAngelis, a.k.a MayBaby, totally owns the back to school game. Lucky for you, she's sharing her advice on how you can have your best year ever. From fashion to friends, activities to academics, Meg has got your back, chica. And just like in all of her cute and candid vids, Meg is giving you the tools to be your most empowered, confident self. Read on and get ready to go back to school with a positive and peppy attitude!

1. Get back into your school routine. Get your mindset into school mode by taking on similar tasks. Started a book over the summer? Why not finish reading it! Messed up your routine with lazy mornings? Try waking up early to make the most of your day and get your body used to a schedule.

2. But don’t be afraid to shake things up! Try changing up your style for school this year; it’s always fun to explore new pieces for your wardrobe. Play up your outfits with prints and colorful pieces and really make a statement this year.

3. New school year, new ‘do. Speaking of change, it’s always refreshing to start off the school year with a brand new hairstyle. If you kept your hair long this summer, why not try a shorter cut? Or if you’d like a change without committing to chopping your locks off, add a pop of highlights or new color altogether (just make sure you get the OK from your parents first!).

4. Add some color to your notes. When school supply shopping, opt for fun, colorful pens. They’ll turn note-taking into a fun experience and add some pizzaz to your “not-so-fun” classes—maybe they’ll even help you focus more. Want to go one step further? Check out these easy and affordable DIY ideas to spruce up your school supplies!

5. Set some news goals for this year. Approaching the new school year with a few goals can make a really big impact on your confidence and your schoolwork! Starting off with simple goals, like making more time for studying or aiming to always be prepared for class, will really pay off in the long run.

6. Try something fresh! Curious to try that art of acapella class? Go for it! Make this the year you just dive in and get out of your comfort zone. You might even discover a hidden talent.

7. Try joining a new school club such as debate or run for a student office position. This will help you expand your friendship circle and you’ll learn something new along the way.

8. Befriend the new kid. Start off the year on the right foot by talking to the new kid in class. Set a goal to make a new friend your first week back; you never know, they may turn into your new best friend.

9. Stay in touch with your summer friends. Don’t forget about all of the great friendships you made on vacation. It’s easy to stay in touch on Snapchat or go old school and decorate a cool postcard for your long-distance pals.

10. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude. Nothing helps your confidence more than staying positive. A good, healthy attitude will help you achieve success in all areas of your life. Laugh off any stressful/embarrassing situations—after all, laughter is contagious, and you might just spread positivity around you.

To get into a good back to school mindset, watch Meg's silly vid comparing how guys and girls react in different typical school sitches. We guarantee you'll totally relate to her humor, and may even get a little more pumped to hit the hallways (and books) once again.

Be sure to check out MayBaby's videos on her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more back to school tips! Which tip will *you* use when you go back to school? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Bobby Mares.

by Meg DeAngelis | 8/1/2016
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